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HELP Yamaha U1 vs Kawai BL-12 (Read 264 times)

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HELP Yamaha U1 vs Kawai BL-12
« on: October 15, 2020, 07:15:23 AM »
Hi all,
I'm about to buy my first acoustic piano. Coundnīt get the local technician to come along with me to asess the instruments, so Iīm left to my own poor understanding of the condition of the instruments.
First is a Yamaha U1 (1983), It appears to be in great condition, hammers have good shape and everything is functioning. Strings and soundboard ok. Some minor scrathes on the lid. but thats ok with me. The worse part is that it hasnt been tuned for 20 years and it is a whole semitone down. A3=415hz. Also on some notes the strings dont seem to be singing the same note. Sustain is good, pedals all work. No bridge cracks, no pests, tuning pins all ok, strings all original. I have been as thorough as I could be after watching and reading countless videos and  articles. This goes for 1500 euros.
The second option is a little cheaper (1000), but honestly money isn't a limiting factor. Its a Kawai BL-12 which seems to be an imported japanes piano from 1980. Little info is available online for this piano, so it is harder to know if it is in the same league as the U1. This piano is inmaculate outside, is not so out of tune as the U1, but the hammers and dampers seem to me in worse condition, more deeply groved and defined but also fluffy. Also the Celeste doesnt go down all the way, so it only softens the sound of the base. The pedals have lost some of the brass, maybe due to humidity as the piano is in a house 200-200 meters from the sea. The rest of the piano seems to be in excelent condition. None of the appear to have been played much.
I'm adding pictures in case you can help me.