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App POC/demo for Teachers wanting to show the keys more directly to students (Read 104 times)

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My name is Adrian, I'm a professional software engineer and classical pianist. I wanted to share a new teaching app I'm building, free to use. This is a repost from student forum but more directed to a teacher's use case. If you have a MIDi instrument, you can use it to broadcast a better view of the keyboard to a student through the internet browser. You can see the keys playing in colors. You are the blue and a student (someone else) would be in red.

I'm hoping to demo it and get feedback on the app. Happy to any answer questions you might have or happily demo it to you. If you try it out, I would suggest using chrome. It might take a few moments to load.

LINK: https://duetduet.herokuapp.com
Demo video:

my email: adrianjewell91@gmail.com, any feedback welcome.

Adrian Jewell (爱德华)

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You posted this 8 months ago.