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Topic: Kawai GX-2, GX-3, GX-2 Aures, or just stay with a K-500?  (Read 715 times)

Offline etheriau

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I own a Kawai K-500 Upright Piano and I love it.  Thereís a few things Iíd like to tweak on it, such as having a sostenuto pedal, having the music shelf available when the key cover is closed, being able to put a light on-top of it with the lid open, etc.

As such, Iíve been thinking about upgrading it to a GX-2 or a GX-3.  I need to try a GX-3 in person, but it sounds better on the comparison videos Iíve watched.

Now, I do use my practice pedal once in a while and thatís not an option with these.  Would it make sense to get Aures or just get a keyboard instead?  Iím leaning towards the latter as seems like it would last longer and be somewhat cheaper.

The second concern is that where it would best fit into the room I would put it in, it would be within 4-6 feet of a fireplace that is almost never used and an electronic wall-mount heater.  Is the latter a real issue?

Any thoughts, advice, or alternatives?  Thanks!


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Re: Kawai GX-2, GX-3, GX-2 Aures, or just stay with a K-500?
Reply #1 on: August 16, 2022, 07:24:35 AM
I don't think you need upgrade to GX-2 or GX-3,   if you like Kawai brand,  pay more, buy SK-2... LOLOLOL~

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