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Breaking the Goldberg Wall – Interview with Klára Würtz
Klára Würtz has lived with The Goldberg Variations in the back of her head for years but never took the step putting it on her repertoire. But a combination of the pandemic along with an eye-opening musician colleauge’s organ version recording made her change her mind. Piano Street talked to Würtz about this monumental work and what inspired her decide to record it for PIANO Classics. Read more >>

Topic: For Chopin lovers - New Classical music platform - need help (please)  (Read 255 times)

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Hi, Chopin lovers!
We are developing a new Classical musical platform
Intro video:

Weefeen Platform: www.weefeen.com
It would be very helpful if you could try it out and help us test it and give us your feedback if possible!
you can try it for free (no credit cart needed of anything).
If you are a musician, I think you will love it because
you can click on any measure of your Chopin Etude and listen to what you need to fix
You can select any passage and listen in one click to both your selected performance and any other performance have in your performance list
You can receive commentaries from teachers or peers for each measures.
HOWEVER it is not for everyone:
You need to be a Pianist
You played or are currently Playing one or several of Chopin Etudes. Other scores of Chopin repertoire are possible but depending on requests and priorities
You want to perform at your best and you are already recording to yourself regularly.
Level does not matter much. Make fast progress by intensively listen to your performance is what matters.
If you are a person who is convinced that recording yourself is the key to improve your performance faster, we think you will love it
And you’d really be helping us a lot by giving your feedback and stress-testing it.
So if you want to try it out, you can create a free account here: www.weefeen.com
Check the introduction video of Weefeen