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Violin vs. Piano – Interview with Augustin Hadelich
Zlata Chochieva, famous for her recording of the complete Chopin Etudes, commented that violinist Augustin Hadelich’s performance of a Nocturne on the violin was ‘the most beautiful Chopin’ she ever heard. In this interview, Hadelich, who happens to be an excellent pianist as well, talks about his love for the violin and the piano. Read more >>

Topic: 2Keys dont work anymore. Piano AP-470  (Read 235 times)

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2Keys dont work anymore. Piano AP-470
on: November 01, 2022, 05:54:23 PM
I have a Casio Ap-470 and I have the problem that 2 buttons, namely the A and A sharp buttons, no longer work properly. The two buttons are pushed down a bit, so a little further down than the other buttons, I can't pull them up either. They still make a sound, but it is uncomfortable to press them, and they also make a very strange extra sound.
I'm uploading a video for people to hear and see. Anyone know how to fix that? Would be really grateful for help.