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Topic: Took a break from the piano, planning on playing it again  (Read 158 times)

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So I started last year, and I am self-taught, since I don't have spare time for a teacher to guide me,  and throughout my time in playing,  I managed to play but I remember playing Bach Prelude in C Major, Chopin Prelude no 4 and no 6,  and a fragment of Rachmaninoff Prelude in C Sharp Minor. I think I played more than that but I forgot. Anyways I didn't know what to play for a while and I didn't continue learning Rachmaninoff Prelude in C Sharp Minor since I think I need to learn a few more skills to continue it. I tried playing Der Doppleganger but I wasn't interested in it.

I had trouble finding a piece I want to play because I am a fan of alot of pieces, including the hard ones, and I wanted a piece that sounds worthwhile to play and I wasn't a fan of slow sounding pieces during that time. It got pretty irritating later on so I decided to take a break and do other things. You can call me picky in choosing what to play because, yeah I was.

I didn't hate the piano and I want to play it again so I am planning on returning to the keys. It would be nice if I can get some recommended pieces to someone who is returning to the piano at the same time pieces that are progressive, meaning if I am able to play that piece, I learned a new skill.