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Scriabin 150: A Genius under the Magnifying Glass
Last December, in preparation for the Scriabin 150th anniversary (2022), the new complete edition of Alexander Scriabin’s works was published, in twelve volumes. Eric Schoones spoke to the pianist and musicologist Pavel Shatskiy, who was responsible for publishing the piano works. They talked about the composer and pianist Scriabin, his piano, the influence of Chopin and the A.N. Scriabin Memorial Museum in Moscow. Read more >>

Topic: Masters Audition Rep  (Read 109 times)

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Masters Audition Rep
on: December 26, 2022, 02:24:13 PM
Hello! Before I begin, I know there are like 3873875 posts on this topic and I've spent many hours going through most of them haha

I'm still a little unsure about the level of my chosen rep for a master's level audition at a conservatory. I haven't learnt any of these yet and I won't be auditioning until 2024, so the plan is to learn the material in 2023 so that I'm very comfortable with it by the time the audition season rolls around

But nevertheless, here's what I have so far:
Bach Work: Toccata in C Minor BWV 911
Bach P&F (some schools specify a P&F plus I alr have this prepped): Prelude & Fugue in D Major WTC 2 BWV 874
Etude (some schools specify Chopin): Etude Op 10 No 8
20th Century / Free Choice Additional Work: Kapustin Variations Op. 41

I'm a little unsure about a couple of my choices. I absolutely love these two pieces and in my mind that makes a strong argument for choosing these. But I'm not sure if these are "good enough" from a pov of being technically / musically challenging enough
Classical Sonata: Beethoven Sonata No. 15 Op. 28 "Pastoral"
Major Romantic Work: Brahms Op. 118 (I was contemplating going with the Op. 119, but based on my analysis the Op. 118 creates a relatively more coherent set of pieces)

I was reading some threads that said Brahms Op. 118 or 119 aren't technically challenging enough but I'm not sure if that should matter since the Toccata, Chopin Etude & the Kapustin are quite technically advanced.

Maybe I should choose a "tougher" Beethoven Sonata? Would you recommend optimizing for the level of technicality or how much I connect / love the piece being played?

Also, my teacher says the Beethoven & Brahms are both great but I wanted some other opinions. There aren't many kids from India who go to conservatory so I'm not sure if my teacher is giving me the most informed advice. She's an excellent pianist & professor, but not sure she knows about all the specific "unspoken rules" when it comes to conservatory auditions (eg: taking consultation lessons w desired profs, not choosing the v common waldstein or chopin ballades etc. and things like that)

Thank you!!