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Topic: Challen 988 piano value  (Read 131 times)

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Challen 988 piano value
on: April 02, 2023, 03:16:08 PM
I hope this post is allowed, I'm trying to find out the value of a Challen 988 piano and where the best place to sell it is in the UK.  This piano is used but well looked after and maintained.

Could anyone offer me some advise on this.


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Re: Challen 988 piano value
Reply #1 on: April 05, 2023, 08:36:50 PM
I would get a professional to come and look at it on site. Perhaps someone from a local piano store. Usually, old uprights are not worth much though. Often they are "sold" for free if the "buyer" takes care of transporting it. But if you think it's in a good enough condition to potentially have monetary worth, get someone to value it for you.

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