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Topic: Bach keyboard concerto d minor (BWV 1052) for first Concerto Competition?  (Read 566 times)

Offline chopinonions

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Hi everyone.

My completed repertoire of recent years is WTC 2 C major, chopin 10/8, chopin post waltz, brahms 117/1, and beethoven op 10 no 1.
I have the opportunity to play a movement in a concerto competition for college, and I wanted to give it a shot. I did chamber ensemble for piano in high school, but we all know nobody actually tries in that. More recently, I'm doing standchen with a vocalist (performing soon!!), and Plog's miniatures for tuba (modern composer, kinda ugly, but more experience; also a performance).
This would be my first concerto, and I like it for the following reasons: short first movement, it has a really simple but uncommon structure, and it sounds awesome. My bach is decent, enough, and I have a terrific appreciation for the style. I know what I need to voice and how to do it. The only thing I'm worried about is how to blend my sound with the orchestra. Anyone have any advice? Is this a good idea or bad? I got 6 months before the competition, more or less.
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Online brogers70

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Other than giving the mindless answer "What does your teacher think?" I'm not sure how to respond. It sounds like you've approached the issue carefully and thoughtfully, so if you feel like it's doable, why not?

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