Johann Sebastian Bach
Keyboard Concerto
in D Minor, BWV 1052

Bach's most popular Keyboard Concerto is highly virtuosic and full of rhythmic drive, conveying "a sense of huge elemental power". (Richard Jones)

ID: 1028
Johann Sebastian Bach - Concertos:

Keyboard Concerto
BWV 1052

Key: D Minor
Year: 1738
Level: 8+
Period: Baroque
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Concerto of Elemental Power

Before the concerto adopted the sonata-allegro form for its first movement in the late 18th century, there was ritornello form. There were two groups of musicians and their instruments. The larger group was the ritornello group, and the smaller group was called the camerata group. “Ritornello” means “the group that returns” while “camerata” means the “chamber group.” Many of Bach’s concertos fell into this form, and the D-Minor keyboard concerto is one of them. Unlike many of Bach’s other works, this concerto isn’t remarkably contrapuntal but looks forward to his sons’ innovations and the slightly later world of Haydn. The concerto is as popular for piano as it is for harpsichord here in the 21st century. The work borrows from the earlier Toccata and Fugue in D-Minor as the concerto has many sections that contain the kind of technical wizardry that is the hallmark of the toccata form.

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Concerto in D Minor in D Minor, BWV 1052 by the composer Johann Sebastian Bach who lived from 1685 to 1750.
This piece is from the Baroque era and is included in Bach's Concertos.