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Topic: Beginner Romantic Sonatas  (Read 7019 times)

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Beginner Romantic Sonatas
on: May 08, 2003, 04:41:22 AM
Hi guys,

I'm thinking of picking up a romantic era piano sonata soon. I am npt really familiar with the romantic sonata repertoire.

Personally, I'm thinking of one that is nice to hear and not technically difficult, so stuff like Rach 2nd Sonata or Liszt B Minor is out.

I have several in mind:
- Grieg Sonata
- Schumann Sonata No 2
- Weber Sonata
- One of Albeniz Sonatas

Im quite interested to know more about Albeniz's sonatas, any ideas which one is nicer one ?

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Re: Beginner Romantic Sonatas
Reply #1 on: May 09, 2003, 05:22:02 AM
Hey !

I do not know if you consider Beethoven and Schubert out of the romantic frame, but some of their sonatas are not too hard. But I guess they are not part of your choices.

If you mean Mateo Albéniz (not to confuse with the much more known Isaac), his sonata in D is pretty good (Alicia de Larrocha has a good recording of it).

You can also think of Mendelsohnn sonatas (I don't specially like them, but they are kind of easy).

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