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Argerich Documentary on DVD

Martha Argerich (born June 5, 1941) is an Argentine concert pianist.
Her aversion to the press and publicity has resulted in her remaining out of the limelight for most of her career.
She has given relatively few interviews. As a result, she may not be as well known as other pianists of similar calibre. Nevertheless, she is widely recognized as one of the greatest modern-day pianists.
A wild child and a rebel at heart, this legendary musician is surrounded by an aura of mystery: some find her too uncompromising, others generous and beautiful, yet to all she is without a doubt incredibly talented. Thanks to these “evening talks”, Georges Gachot lifts a corner of the veil: Martha Argerich shares with us her memories, confides in us her doubts, and transmits to us her incredible appetite for music making.

Images of Argentina, rehearsals in the concert hall or at home, excerpts from recent concerts, and archival clips complete this unique film about one of the most secretive and endearing artists of our time.

”Evening Talks” on DVD (English, 2008):

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