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Brendel’s A-Z for the Pianist

September 5th, 2013 in Piano News by | 4 comments

Multi-talented pianist legend Alfred Brendel won’t rest since retiring. His latest book A Pianist’s A–Z is officially released today, September 5.
Born in 1931 in Wiesenberg, he now lives in London. Although he has bidden farewell to the concert stage after six decades of performing, he continues to give master-classes and readings. He is also the author of several books, including Alfred Brendel on Music (Robson Books), The Veil of Order and a volume of poetry – One Finger Too Many (Faber). Brendel is known for stressing the importance of pianists widening their repertoire, studying the instrumental and choral music of composers, not just their piano music, and maintains that a pianist who spreads the gospel of new music is worthy of the highest praise.

“This book distils what, at my advanced age, I feel able to say about music, musicians, and matters of my pianistic profession”, Brendel says about his new release.

Read excerpts from the book:




  • Robert Coatsworth says:

    I found it rather superficial, not what one would expect from a man of such great experience and high intellect, I’m afraid it’s a bit of a potboiler, not in the same league as his other books.

  • Michael BB says:

    …well, I guess I may not read it after all, since AB is not one of the pianists I look to for artistic inspiration. He is a quintessential German plodder to my ear, although his Liszt is better than his Beethoven. I WOULD like to find out what happened to his fingertips, however, as that IS a bit of a mystery! MBB

  • Derek Hartwell says:

    I haven’t got the book yet. It is on my ‘wish list’, and I hope someone will buy it for me as a Christmas present.
    I have read some extracts from the book, and I’m fascinated by them.

  • mauisurfer says:

    Brendel is NOT german
    he is austrian
    it may not matter to you
    but it matters a lot to austrians

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