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Chopin’s 200th Anniversary, March 1 2010

Celebrate one of the greatest piano composers in history, Frédéric Chopin, with us today by listening to the Polish pianist Krystian Zimerman’s performance of Ballade no 2 in F-major while following along in Chopin’s autograph manuscript (available for free from pianostreet.com throughout the year 2010).
Or if you are up for an even more exciting birthday experience, print out the manuscript and play from it (and then let us know by posting a reply if that gave you any new thoughs or insights into this piece)!

Click the sheet music to open the printable autograph score (3.9Mb ) in a new browser window or right click “Save target as…” to download the file.

Please share your comments and personal thoughts about Chopin’s music here and let your friends and colleagues know about this blog post by making use of the “Share/Save” button below.

Happy birthday Frédéric! We love your music!
And thanks Krystian for your extraordinary rendition of the Ballade!
/The Piano Street Team

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  1. Beate Toyka Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY we are so excited that your music, Frederic, continues to inspire old and young…
    to honour you my friend thomas and i share a series of recitals with all of his Etudes and all 4 ballades, and 3 only this week, CHEERS!!!Lots of celebrations are in place and we are doing our bit!!!

    Have a great time playing and celebrating!!!

  2. L Henry Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful music! Chopin is one of my favourites and his music always touches a sentimental mood whatever general the character of the piece.

  3. Bruce Says:

    Chopin was the supreme harmonist. He came to music at the time pianos became capable of projecting a big sound. Its hard to imagine the rest of the music world without a Chopin. He reconfigured how keyboard playing would be as well as kicking chromaticism in the butt. His lyricism is heard at nearly every piano concert and he has sold more sheet music than any other composer in history. For me his work is a fabric of nature.

  4. Claudia Says:

    We wish a happy birthday, we wish a happy birthday, we wish a happy birthday form the people in here! (lame i know :D)
    im actually fascinated with all of this, beacuse one of chopin nocturnes was the very firts classic piece that i was eager to learn, dont take me wrong i love classic music but the the ones that came before were always “suggested” by my piano teacher. When i first heard this nocturne i just loved it, and when i first played wholeheartdly it felt wonderful. So LETS RAISE OUR CUPS!(as a matter of speaking) for this wonderful men!

  5. Jean Says:

    One of the best Chopin recordings ever is Robert DeGaetano Plays Chopin. He’s also a participating artist in the week long celebration at the Financial Center Atrium in New York City, playing Friday, March 5 at 5PM.

  6. Yasemin Says:

    Last year I really got into Chopin’s music, and I found it the most exquisitive classical music I had ever heard. It was quite hard to master the intricate techniques, but the reward was more than satisfying.
    I first learnt how to play Nocturne in Cis minor, and it took me about 2/3 months to fully master it! But this piece allows you to express your emotions in a soft way, and by studying this piece, I learnt how to put emotion in piano playing.

    Frédéric Chopin, happy birthday! :D May there be many more classical pieces that I can study! xD

  7. JohnnnyD Says:

    No one plays Chopin better than Artur Rubenstein. His phrasings and softness of keystroke and overall interpretation are unparalleled. His rendition of Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 is the most beautiful I’ve ever heard — and I’ve sampled many! Let’s make sure his renditions of Chopin are never forgotten because he and Chopin go hand in hand.

  8. Marco Aguila Says:

    I was just playing Chopin (Piano Concerto No. 2) this morning and I didn’t remember his birthday, but I think nothing happens accidentally, and it was my way (subconsciously) to commemorate this important date. Some of his biographers say his birthday was not on march 1st but on february 22nd. Anyway, I think Chopin was the best piano composer of all time, and if I could go back in time, it would be right to see him in concert. The few ones who had the fortune of attending one of his live concerts, had also left for history that “Chopin must be considered a pianist separately from others… he cannot be compared with anyone, nor should it be.” Le France Musicale, May, 1841.

  9. Ben Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDERIC!!!!! Your music will continue to inspire young and also old musicians to dig deeper and expand their knowledge about the beautiful piano. With so many of your compositions available today, I want to personally thank you for doing a great job!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!

  10. Karen G. Says:

    Happy Birthday Frederic Chopin!! Your music has inspired me to learn the piano!! I love your music!

  11. Alfredo Says:

    ¡¡¡¡Happy Birthday!!!!, Chopin, Two Hundred Years, about eigth Generations, and we still admiring his music, somebody can give the name of one musician alive, who have a little chance of being remember for his music in the year 2210, a give you one name FREDERIC CHOPIN, and Thanks to PIano Street for al the hard work, and help us to preserve the legacy of all the Romantic Composers

  12. nico Says:

    I love Chopin’s nocturne op 62-2 in E major :D

  13. Mahur Says:

    Gracias Federico Chopin, el poeta del piano. Fantasia Improntu, me conmueve hasta las lágrimas…
    Por siempre Chopin

  14. Jelena Says:

    My heart is full of passion and joy every time i hear your music, and my head is calm and peacefull.
    You are my favorite composer, glad i played your peace today, at home.
    My city had celebrated your birthday as it should.
    So, Happy 200th birthday!
    Greetings from Serbia!

  15. Alan Tan Says:

    Happy Birthday Frederic Chopin!! Your music has inspired me to improve my piano playing at a greater height. Love your Norturnes, Preludes, Waltz, Marzukas, Ballades and Fantasy Impromptu!

  16. Mariana Says:

    I’ve always been touched by his incredibly emotional music, there are other great classical composers but he’s one of those who really get to me.
    There’s always this feeling that part of your heart goes along with the song, it makes me so sad and mellancholic, in a great way, so connected to what I’m listening to.
    I think he lives through because of his music which will always remain.

    In other words, Chopin rocks! Happy birthday :)

  17. Barb Says:

    Happy Birthday Frederic Chopin! Your music will be enjoyed & inspirational forever. Thank you!

  18. stevebob Says:

    My earliest musical memories are of Chopin’s music, and he’s been an abiding presence throughout my entire life. He was my first love and my most enduring passion. His inspiration epitomizes creative genius; his artistic achievement embodies the most inspired – the most exalted – expression of human endeavor.

    Happy 200th, dear Fryderyk. You are adored by multitudes yet uniquely beloved by each of us … forever sterling, undiminished by familiarity, untarnished by time. I celebrate your birth every single day!

  19. Barb Says:

    Happy Birthday Frederic Chopin!! Your music will be enjoyed & inspirational forever! Thank you!

  20. Jean Guillerme Says:

    Joyeux anniversaire! Thank you for giving the world your music.

  21. Mark Godine Says:

    Happy Birthday! You are exactly ten times my age to the date!

  22. Georgia Says:

    Chopin was born to reveal through his music the inner power & sense of the romantic spirit. He is diachronic & his music always lives in the hearts of the sensitive, sentimental & passionate ones!

  23. Angelica Says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire Frederic!!!! I hope you would know how your music has inspired almost everyone around the world.

    Thanks to you, I got the most wonderful reason about why to continue playing the piano.

    It’s difficult to express with words those feelings that touch my heart and soul when I listen your music. I’ll continue improving on the piano.

    From Mexico,

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Feliz Cumpleaños Número 200!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Yaheni Says:

    Happy birthday F.Chopin!

    wow 200 years are so much!
    thanks for shared your talent! your music are so beauty!

    well i only speak a little english… haha i’m sorry ^^’

    Chopin es un extraordinario compositor! el mejor en interpretar y crear maravillosa musica para piano, vale la pena decirle a todos sobre este gran acontecimiento, 200 años en gracia de sus hermosas melodias que han llenado de dicha los oidos y manos de cada uno de quienes tenemos la oportunidad de interpretar algo tan grande como sus compocisiones, me siento tan afortunada de poder conocer su musica y algo sobre el, no presumire que soy total conocedora, seria mentirles a ustedes… pero de corazon le deseo felices 200 años! tanto para el como para todos nosotros que sabemos valorar este dia!

    Agradezco de antemano a quienes se tomaron la molestia de dejar a un lado sus labores para venir a regalarle sus mas sinceras felicitaciones, porque fue un hombre excepcional, porque se lo merece

    Happy 200 years!!!

  25. Adan Says:

    Feliz cumpleee!!! Chopin!! sos lo mas grande que hay! Vamo Chopin nomaa! desde uruguay, un saludo a todos los que, como yo, amamos la musica de este increible compositor. El mas dulce y tenue, el mas fuerte y brillante, Chopin.

  26. Daniel Says:

    Increíble ver una partitura completa escrita por el mismo Chopin, gracias Piano Street

  27. Mauro Anastacio Says:

    Nelson Freire and Maria Joao Pires will be playing Chopin here in Brazil, in celebration of his aniversary… will be amazing, Im sure!

  28. Lontano Says:

    So much of Chopin’s music is so close to my heart and mind that I seem to be celebrating his life almost continuously, yet today I wish “Your Spirit within Me, Mr Chopin”!!!

    While Katsaris is not necessarily my favorite Chopin interpreter, he is certainly very high on my list, and this performance is excellent. I love the juxtaposition of the sweet, childlike simplicity of the initial theme against the tortured and tormenting cataclysmic 2nd motif. I wonder what was on his mind as he joined such diametrically opposed ideas into a ballad. Possibly a schizo-affected lover/warrior, at home where ever he happens to be at the moment.

    And as with several great composers born within a few year +/- of 1810 that died before they were 40, one can only wonder where Chopin, the inventor of such extraordinary piano works, might have headed in his search for broader harmonic, lyric and rhythmic creations.

    My best to you dear Frederick!

  29. Aldric Says:

    Happy birthday Chopin
    Im from Mexico so here it is in Spanish “Feliz Cumpleaños” Chopin
    I was just playing your Revolutionary Study (#12) and your Nocturne #2 to conmemorate your birthday. Thank you very much for this and all your music, that we still play 200 years later. I think you were the best piano composer of all times.

    HAPPY 200th BIRTHDAY!!!!

  30. Zhe Says:

    Chopin is one of my all-time favourite pianists! His pieces are beautiful, but sadly i’m only able to play just a few. To see a performance like this truly motivates one to practise much harder. To all piano lovers, let’s draw inspiration from the great pianist on this very day, and all other days as well~

    To Claudia: i’m guessing it’s the Nocturne No.2 in E flat? Cuz i love it… Or else, it may be the Nocturnes in C sharp minor or G minor as well? Anyway, have fun on the piano!

  31. Anne Says:

    I salute you as a master of a most beautiful instrument. During and since your lifetime you have been known and appreciated by billions of people

  32. Indonesia Piano Art (IPA) Says:

    We love Chopin very much ! none of the world composers can surpass his beautiful, dramatic, colorful and artistic compositions !

    Cheers for Frederic ! love you to be friends of Indonesia PIano Art (IPA) facebook !

  33. yiyiku Says:

    happy birthday Chopin! love you!

  34. Maria Elizabeth Paes Lasagno Says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Frédéric Chopin!!!
    Come down early ‘m in love with his beautiful compositions.
    No matter how many times to listen to specific parts or passages, so often get emotional.
    This morning I heard the 2 concerts played by Evgeny Kissin, all live, complete with “encore!” and how it could be different, I came to tears!
    Arrau, Rubinstein, Kissin and our Nelson Freire, are great interpreters of this phenomenon of romantic inspiration, writing scores his immense passion.
    Listening to Chopin, it is as if you could leave your body and transcend places never seen, felt his soul flow in a swirl of sounds of extreme beauty.
    What is your birthday, but who won this we, as his musical legacy, is and will always be a source of inspiration for composers and performers though the ages.
    Thank Piano Street at this incredible autographed by my favorite composer and the opportunity we can express our homage, in the 200 years of great Frédéric Chopin.
    Maria Elizabeth Paes Lasagno.

  35. Mario Ajero Says:

    Happy 200th Birthday to Chopin. Here’s a short musical birthday video that I made for him:


  36. Salomé Says:

    That was a wonderful idea to share Chopin´s music in this special day!!!
    And you choice one of my beloved ballades.
    Thank you so much and congratulations for everybody who loves Chopin´s work. His legacy is between those who shows the humanity in a positive way during the eternity.
    We must be proud of that.
    Thank you, Mr. Chopin, thank you so much, and thank you too, pianostreet!!!

  37. Amelie Says:

    Happy 200th birthday Chopin!!!!
    Really, who does not enjoy and love his music? who does not feel the emotion and the simply beautiful stories that all the music of Chopin’s make us feel?
    He is one of the greatest, and as long as his music will be heard and enjoyed, he shall never be forget.

  38. Veronica Says:

    Thank you for leading me to continue my musical pursuit always…. dear Chopin! Your music always has special meaning for me…!
    sedning my warmest love to you~

  39. Ashley Says:

    I love you Frederic Chopin, my idol and inspiration! Happy birthday!

  40. Ashley Says:

    It is also because of Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2 that I began practicing piano with a serious intent to learn. I have never felt so much passion while playing a piece, and will always feel a connection to your work while listening to them, playing them, or thinking of them. I will always think of you while playing piano, and you will always be an inspiration to me. I endlessly thank you! Happy 200th birthday!

  41. Bruce Says:

    Bravo chopin! Your music is my favorite.

  42. Graeme Says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire, notre cher Frédéric Chopin!
    One of the great musical geniuses of Western culture. After years of listening to and interpreting his music at the piano, I am still transported by the originality and the beauty of his musical ideas. I still hear themes and motifs as for the first time in his compositions, themes that are forever young, enduring, and immortal.
    Yet with all the popular stereotype of Chopin being a quintessentially “Romantic” composer, it is remarkable how his music is indeed rooted in the Classical form. I guess Schumann and Brahms are the true romantics!
    I can honestly ascertain that not a day goes by in my life without at least one fragment of Chopin’s music playing in my head.
    Now I head back to the piano. I’m currently practicing the Nocturne in B Major (Op. 62 No. 1), with the Bellini like cantabile, which I love so well.
    Cher Frédéric, vous avez tellement enrichi ma vie.

  43. Roger Evans Says:

    I have gladly shared your fine feature both on my site and on Facebook.

    Congratulations on a fine celebration of one of our greatest artists of the piano.

  44. Jonathan Says:

    Happy 200th Birthday Chopin !!! Thank you for sharing and bringing upon to the world, your musical gifts. Your music will forever be in the hearts of mankind.

  45. sofia Says:

    thanks a lot…

  46. Adam Says:

    happy birthday

  47. Aoi Says:

    Wow!! Chopin’s 200th Anniversary… If Chopin is still alive now… I think he’ll take music to another level…

  48. Jani Says:

    If you would be still walking around, dear Mr, I would introduce you one special Lady from Poland…maybe it would even bring her back to me…

  49. Harry Says:

    Chopin’s music stands alone in it’s own category. There has been no one else like him. The sound of his music creates tremendous emotion in the heart of the listener.

  50. Claudia Says:

    Happy 200th birthday my dear Frédéric! Your music will be forever!

  51. Dalia Says:

    Happy Birthday (^^,)

  52. Andreas Keban Says:

    Happy Birthday in heaven Chopin! If only you know that I’m one of your greatest fan. Your playing just matches my flavor of music, more interesting and romantic than any other piano composer’s playing up to now. Your nocturnes, waltz, and ballads are the coolest and most romantic piano pieces ever written and I want to thank you for all of the beauty the world has received from you. God bless :)

  53. Talal Says:

    I wish I was there in your time..you honored the history by your birth..and you honored the music with your notes..
    all music in the world of all composers before and now, a person can air the tune if he listen carefully to the music..but not ur music..you made a kind of piano notes that can only be played or listened to…we can’t airing your notes in our lips..
    I think you are the mentor of all greatest pianist in the world…
    I wish I was there in your time to tell you..that I started to learn piano 22 years ago and my daily dream during these years and still is to play your pieces..
    I promise you that I won’t stop until I learn all your pieces no matter what time will it take..

  54. Nestor Perera Says:

    Happy birthday Frederic Chopin!!!!! Wherever your soul is now… thank you thank you thank you very very much!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. RAFAEL Says:

    Feliz cumpleaños queridisimo Chopin!!. Es un verdadero allazgo que nos pone aun mas cerca de esta música que tanto amamos el poder leer directamente una partitura manuscrita por el propio Frédéric. Gracias Piano Street!!

  56. Leonard Says:

    Happy birthday Frederic Chopin, to give homage of my favourite composer of all time is always a pleasure, as well as to hear your wondrous, unparalleled music.

  57. Ebony Khadija Says:

    It is so so wonderful zu know there was a personality called Chopin. His music is still just as refreshing to listen too as it must have been 200 years ago. He (Chopin) being an admirer of the Bel Canto School of singing showed sufficiently the influence in his piano pieces, the melodies and the marvelous gruppetti (today we would say vocal riffs and runs for the piano and other instruments. So “Happy Birthday” Chopin

  58. Tomas Says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Chopin, I was suckled by all waltzers of Yours. You were able to inject to me the romancy by your famous music for ever.

  59. Anna Says:

    Even if 200 years are elapsed, you stay on among us and will shine on for ever.
    Happy birthday my old friend!

  60. Alice Says:

    wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin!!!! i hope that you celebrate your birthaday in hevean next to your piano and angels:)your wonderful music is hypnotizing.Thanks to your compositions i know how the piano should really sound.i don’t even have words to describe you how i feel when i play or listen to your music!merci beaucoup mon cher pianiste!!kocham cię!!!

  61. eliza Says:

    Srecan rodjendan :)

  62. Zion Says:

    To My Favorite composer, the poet of the piano and Poland’s Greatest musician… Happy Birthday!!!!!!

  63. Cosimo Vitale Says:

    IO amo Chopin.
    Ieri, oggi , domani e per sempre.
    Buon Compleanno MAESTRO

  64. Aurelio Says:

    You are my favourite one because you make me dream everywhen. I listen at your music with great emotion.

  65. Chin Mei Says:

    Happy B’lated Bi’dae, Chopin! Thanks for composing so many wonderful music. You music has brought life to my life and will always live in my heart. ^_^v

  66. Antarip Bhattacharya Says:

    You are a very good inspiration for young piano learners and professional players alike. I salute you!!!

  67. Sigur rós Says:

    ohh why did you have to die??…

    i guess god wanted him to play in heaven for an eternity

    happy birthday chopin!…

  68. Armen Khatchadourian Says:

    Dear Frédéric Chopin,

    Thank you for your beautiful music, one of the greatest treasures given to humanity from a human being.

  69. Sandra Pauta Says:

    Felicidades por este aniversario…….
    La influencia de la música de Chopin por su gran perfección técnica, refinamiento estilístico y elaboración armónica, seguirán siendo perdurables en el tiempo y llenos de admiración……….
    Gracias Chopin por tu legado!!!

  70. Stephan Ascher Says:

    Dear Frederic,

    I can`t describe, how much I love your music. Happy birthday to my favorite classical musician! I love you!

  71. Charles Ray Says:

    Happpy birthday Frédéric Francois Chopin.
    Very sad that he died so young, he was at the peak of his composing skill.
    If he lived longer he may have become more mature with his composing of orchestral parts which he never mastered fully. The late cello sonata in G minor is an example of his turning to a more sophisticated output.
    Nevertheless his piano solo compositions are excellent and made him famous world-wide.
    The F minor 4th Ballade is in my favorite, full of joy and sadness.
    Thank you VERY MUCH.

  72. Katrina Says:

    Happy Birthday Frederic!!! I fell in love with your music after I did your Waltz in C#- for my grade 9 piano exam. You’ve been my favourite composer ever since & the only one whose biography actually stuck in my head.
    My tiny hands may never be able to perform your keyboard music the way you did, but I still enjoy playing those pieces on a regular basis.
    Have a fantastic bday – wherever you are :)

  73. Frank Says:

    Chopin, may your music live on forever, you will never be forgotten.

    the world has been a better place these last 200 years, because of you.

    Happy Birthday

  74. KINAR Says:

    wow…yesterday was his birthday…!!!….well I want to tell that he is my inspiration to play the piano, he is really my favorite person in the world!!!, I’m completely devoted to his music, and my favorite melody is NOCTURNE N°20 OPUS POST.IN C#MINOR, I’m trying to learn it!!!…..he’ was….IS ….just a master!!!!!….

    with love……Kinar!!!

  75. Martha Vanderghem Says:

    Hermosa pieza y bellamente interpretada.¿Muchas gracias Federico y dios te premie alla donde estas, junto a el.

  76. Christopher Says:

    Happy birthday Fryderyk from a fellow citizen. Thank You for the best music I have everr heard. Nie martw sie, Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginela. I hope I see you and listen to You relatively soon.. Take care.

  77. Theresa Schmiga Says:

    Happy birthday Frédéric! I think you have always been my favourite composer of piano music!

  78. Pedro Borges Says:

    Happy birthday, Chopin. Here in Portugal, I would tell you “Feliz Aniversário” but certainly if i didn’t tell you what it means, i wouldn’t understand. (:

    Listening and loving your music, I wished you have lived for long time for me to know you. Best wishes, and a big hug.

    Pedro (you’ll always live with me and in my piano)

  79. Terezinha Says:

    Just marvelous… Great composer, special gift for us all. His music is spetacular and touch us directly in the heart.
    Happy birthday!!!

  80. Aurelys Says:

    Chopin… oh my!! I’m in love with your music… never has anyone touched my heart like the melodies of your piano. And your birthday is really just a reminder that people like you can take us to the most beautiful places through music, specially with the piano. May your music live for ever and continue to inspire the world!

  81. Manuel Says:

    thank god we had (and have) this musician . he is the best. no more words. he will keep on inspirating us on music.

  82. Galpianist Says:

    Happy Birthday Chopin!!! I love your Etudes!!! Great Composer!

  83. Bowie Says:

    Chopin, happy birthday!
    Your masterpieces have coloured many lives (:

  84. valerie Says:

    thanks 4 leaving for us a lot of good music.happy birthday Chopin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Charlene Says:

    Happy Birthday Chopin – you live on through your music.

  86. oscar Says:

    thank for your music Frederic. happy birthday

  87. Sergio Says:

    My god
    I Know tha chopin is a genius but every time that I listen something of him…
    It is perfect
    the contrast between slow and fast is unbeliable. It makes me vibrare with every note that s writen in this sheet.
    Perfect, just it

  88. Marina Miranda Says:

    You are my favourite composer!
    I love you since the first time I heard you!
    I wish you so much hapiness and peace!
    Happy Birthday!!!

  89. Helen Bailey Bayly Says:

    Chopin’s music was loved and played by my mother Joyce Hewitt Bailey (in Auckland NZ and Sydney NSW in the 1920’s and 1930’s)……And Chopin’s music was loved and played by me, in Sydney in tghe 1940’s and ’50’s, and in the US ever since then. Chopin’s incredible music is also irresistibly throughout great dances and balllets….think of his mazurkas, waltzes and polonaises! Oh those waltzes! Graduate piano students used to play Chopin waltzes all through my ballet classes in Sydney, in the ’40’s and ’50’s….My maman used to practise Chopin etudes each evening on her baby-grand piano – whilst we 4 kiddies were fallling asleep.. Blissful memories of Chopin’s incredible music.

  90. Danny Salva Says:

    Happy BIRTHDAY FREDERIC CHOPIN!!!! we all here love your music: Concertos, Nocturnes, Scherzos, Ballades, Mazurkas, Sonatas, Waltzes, Polonaises, etc.
    Your music always be on our hearts ¡¡¡FOREVER!!!

  91. Jen Says:

    I really love Chopin’s music…very romantic and expressive. It goes deep with in every listener’s heart. Happy birthday Chopin! Thanks for the music!!!

  92. Angelo De Angelis Says:

    Sei stato, sei e sarai sempre il mio autore preferito…Carissino Chopin…
    come te non c’è nessuno….somigli solo a te stesso…ed alla tua stessa musica, come diceva liszt…
    Grazie delle tue meravigliose musiche…grazie per l’eternità!!!
    I love your music…
    WWWWW Chopin WWWWW

  93. andre Says:

    thx a lot…….
    happy b’day….

  94. Mervyn Ewing Says:

    Chopin…What can anyone say…..a genius with such soul. His music is so inspiring, beautiful, poetic. No matter the piece and the various changes within a piece of music, it all seemed to be “married well” Chopin is one of those composers that one feels a secret desire that he were still alive so that one could get to know him better, and yet that intimacy is revealed in his music if one but looks and listens carefully. Thank you Frederic, and Happy Birthday
    From Mervyn

  95. Danielle Uayan Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to you Chopin! I’m so sorry for greeting you only today but I must say, I’m a big fan of your music… Calming, inspiring…his music will definitely continue to live on for generations… What would I give to have even a little of your remarkable talent for music? Anyhow, I wish you happy birthday and may God bless us all!

  96. Gary Brighton Says:

    Happy birthday freddy thank you for your wonderful contribiution to classical music and music in general. I spend endless hour playing and listening to your music you are by for my favorite romantic composer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. clepsydra Says:


  98. Joel Choy Says:

    Inspired by your etude op.10 no.3 (sadness), no. 12 (Revolutionary) Fantaisie-Impromptu C# minor op. 66 and many of your waltz when I was about 15 years old. Your music will always be in my life long pusuit repertiore list to play or enjoy and share with students, friends, family and relatives.

  99. kiana behinfar Says:

    Happy birthday dear Chopin
    I can just say that I LOVE your music

  100. kelly Han Says:

    that’s impressive. very good!

  101. fabrizia, italy Says:

    Happy Birthday, sweet Fryderyk…

  102. Lisa Lanza Says:

    With the utmost sincerest gratitude to you, dear Chopin, for giving my life purpose and meaning. I thank you for every one of your musical compositions that you brought to this earth. Thank you for staying with us, even so, 200 years later! You are awesome! And an extra special thankyou for the Preludes. XXX Lisa

  103. ngun sam Says:

    Happpy birthday Frédéric Francois Chopin.

  104. Jesslyn Says:

    Happy Birthday Frederic Chopin, the awesome man who contributed to classical music sooo much =)

  105. Jim Lichtenberg Says:

    Happy Birthday Frederic!

    This Ballade is heavenly, and captures the extremes that make Chopin such a unique and timeless and heartbreaking composer, his incredible musical bi-polarity: from the sweetness of a Bach choral to a crazed, storm-tossed romanticism, coherently all in one piece of gorgeous music. The musical equivalent of Keat’s “negative capability” taken to an astounding pinnacle of sonic creativity.

    Did I mention Happy Birthday?

  106. niloofar Says:

    happy birthday my favorite composer! CHOPIN!
    I love it!

  107. Matthew Says:

    I love the poetic nature of Chopin’s music. Absolutely genius!

  108. RadioChopin Says:

    Don’t miss 200 stories for the 200 years of Fryderyk Chopin at http://www.radiochopin.org! Two-minute radio stories about Chopin’s works followed by full performances. A gem!

  109. Gerry Jansen Says:

    Thank you Maestro! and Happy birthday! The perfect expression of emotion and harmonies vibrate through ones body when playing and listening to your music! No wonder the ladies all swooned . “head over heels – drowning in passion” I think describes your music…perfectly.

  110. Hans Hylen Says:

    I have always loved your music. Just now am I struggling with the Mazurka 17 no 4. Happy birhtday!

  111. Theo Says:

    Happy birthay, Fryderyk!!!

  112. Thales de Lema Says:

    Chopin’s music is a bridge to God… for me!

  113. bethany Says:

    Happy birthday to Chopin!

  114. geraluvi Says:

    I knew him at my 17’s. We talked about our innermost feelings and since then he is one of my better friends; I always listen his advices; he always gives good advices. The preludes hit me first. Twentee four hard devices. I have nostalgia for the Nocturnes. Etudes make me powerfull. ¡Frederik! ¡My friend!, you know Fpy by sight! ¡Be happy Wherever you may find yourself!

  115. joke pouw Says:

    Happy birthday to Chopin,
    One of my favourites is etude in C minor op. 10/12 ‘Revolution’
    I have always loved his music, beautiful, but often difficult to play.

  116. David Says:

    Chopin is magnificent. If only he (like Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, and others who died way too young) could have lived a 70+ year lifespan like we have today. As is, his legacy is immortal! Amazing poetry, lyricism, passion, tranquility, ecstasy, storminess, and heartbreak, often in the same piece! I learned his easy music when young, but there’s always more to reach for. Favorites include both sets of Etudes, Ballades, Sonatas 2-3, Polonaise-Fantasie, Fantasie in F minor, Preludes 15, 16 and 24, several nocturnes. There are other great composers for piano too, and some may have written more massive and difficult pieces, but for me Chopin is the quintessential piano composer, the ideal combination of melody, harmony, brilliance, and beauty.

  117. Chloe Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH to coming to the world. Your ballade is heaven. Etudes,waltzes.mazurkas,nocturnes are so cute. I must admit that I am more in to German school but i alway alway have your pieces in my repertoire. I hope you enjoy your 200th birthday party with all your friends including Schumann! Dont forget him haha. I will see ya at you 300th bday party! :]

  118. Afolayan Jacob Says:

    I feel deliciously happy when I tasted your music. Oh,it’s my joy meeting you if you were alive. When you rest in peace as you are widely celebrated. Good music icon,happy birthday.

  119. Yuka Says:

    I’m crazy for Chopin. He always give me energy to live tommorow.Especially I love ballade no.4. I’m refursing now.It’s my happy time to play. I think his all composes are been forever.Please allow me wrong English.Thank you.

  120. Javier Davila Says:

    Thanks for the music
    Too difficult por my piano playing, so I didn’t print it, but I have listened with delight.
    And I have just sing in at FB, thanks for that, too

  121. luis garduno Says:

    Chopin one of the greatest composers virtuous king of instruments piano

  122. Branca Paxiuta Says:

    Just magnificent. Chopin is a composer with a great soul.

  123. Ruud Hagen Says:

    I’ve never been able to play as a professional. Performances as this one always leave me both happy and with ‘tristesse’ if not ‘flabbergasted’. Thanks for the possibility to hear and see it.

  124. misook Says:

    Happy birthday my dear Chopin!!!

  125. Lea Gentile Says:

    What a gift to the world you were and still are…..your music transports us to other worlds as real or more real than this contingent one of water, clay, time and space. Lucky are we to have such music and the opportunity to study and play it! May your music live forever and may composers now and in the future be better understood, accepted and appreciated thanks to your sufferings and achievements.

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