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Google Builds One-Tone Piano

February 18th, 2016 in Piano News by | 4 comments

In their most recent “Be together – not the same” commercial for Android, Google doesn’t exactly choose the easy way of hammering home their message about the beauty of diversity. The video shows the pianist Ji playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on two different instruments, one normal piano and one that Google modified to have all 88 strings tuned to middle C.

A behind-the-scenes video has also been released, showing the fascination and verve with which the producers of the commercial went about their task:

The piece in the video is the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s Sonata op 27 no 2 (“Moonlight”):


  • david byrne says:

    Breathtakingly , Beatifically Beautifully , Beethoveny.

  • CJ says:

    What brand of piano was used in this commerical?

  • Bert says:

    Can we come up with a better analogly? Sorry, this is not as beautiful as the composer’s intention.

  • Rita de Graaf says:

    Interesting! From the music point of view and its composer, it is
    a disaster! Perhaps for a non-trained classical pianist or any other
    good pianist would not accept such a lack of music.
    Sorry guys!!!
    Very disappointing to hear but one piano against the other did make the point, you got that! Nothing compares to the real value of a piano as it is. If it isn’t broken, DON’T FIX IT!
    Thank you,

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