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Build a LEGO Piano to Learn Basic Piano Mechanics!

November 22nd, 2018 in Piano News by | 7 comments

The Concert Grand Piano, one of the most complex instruments of all time, is now in Lego form. Built entirely from 2798 authentic LEGO bricks, it accurately captures the mechanical details of a real piano.

While it doesn’t actually play piano music, this 2,798-piece miniature LEGO model of a concert grand piano does have 25 independently working keys, a removable keyboard, and a height-adjustable bench. It also has a working damper and pedal, a self-playing mode, a working piano lid, and more.

LEGO master SleepyCow engineered it to contribute to LEGO Ideas in the hopes that it will be voted in to be mass produced as a retail kit. He explains the reason for building it:
“Ever since I started learning music, I have always wanted to build a piano out of LEGO bricks. I have also been asked many times by my students about the inner-workings of a piano. I think this will be a great set to teach students about piano mechanics. I’ve seen many people do it in different ways, but I decided to make my own version, as well as try to make it as similar to a real piano as possible with correct proportions.”

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  • Jane Blackie says:

    Congratulations ! How much will the kit for piano & stool cost ?
    Thank you .

  • Pianogirl says:

    What is the title and who is the composer for the piano accompaniment to the video? I love it! Thank you.

  • Jenaire says:

    Love the idea! Interested in cost. Love the quality of the one you have.

  • Bev J says:

    Great idea and gift. And the price ?

  • Prowess says:

    Brilliant !! I am a piano teacher too, and my students LOVE legos!
    Where can I order one of these? What is the cost?

  • Patricia Lane says:

    This project of a grand piano is wonderful! I would like a kit to build
    a model to show students and one for them to put together. I think
    seeing and building the mechanics of the piano would show kids
    that the pianoforte is a real working tool for pianists to use!

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