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Live Streamed Piano Recitals at The Academy of Arts in Stockholm

October 20th, 2014 in Piano News by | 10 comments

A new piano recital series has been launched in Stockholm this fall. The first recital, with pianist Peter Jablonski took place on September 15 and today, October 20 at 17.00 GMT it’s time for pianist Murray McLachlan to enter the stage.

The series is run by the organisation Piano Visions. One of the sponsors and collaborators is Piano Street, which will support the series in many interesting and exciting ways, for example by arranging an online piano composition competition from which the winning pieces will be performed in the series.

Piano Street is, in collaboration with Art of Sound in Stockholm, developing and supplying the artistic and technical platform for live streaming the recitals on the Internet. The first four recitals we be test streamed in order to work out the concept and to receive feedback.
We welcome you to watch the test broadcast of today’s recital with British pianist Murray McLachlan.

Visit this link to view the broadcast or watch in the embedded player below:
EDIT October 21: The recital is over. Selected clips will be available soon)

Bach: Prelude and Fugue i C-sharp minor, book 1
Beethoven: Sonata in E major, op 109
Chopin: Berceuse
Chopin: Scherzo no 3
John McLeod: Sonata no 5
Stenhammar: Impromptu in G-flat major
Liszt: Sonata in B-minor

Read more about the recital series:

Please post your comments and feedback below!

While waiting for the recital to begin, watch a clip from the previous recital. Peter Jablonski performs Schubert’s Moment Musical no 2:

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  • Alison Truefitt says:

    Just to say that I thought Peter Jablonsky’s Schubert (moment Musicale Op. 94 no. 2) was beautifully played – with great restraint, sensitivity and delicacy, with mezzo piano and piano dynamics perfectly controlled and always in just the right places for this lovely piece. Perhaps the new kind of piano – Steingraeber (?) – was helpful here – impossible to tell on a video, but, apart from seeming to make several check-ups of the pedals after he started playing, he seemed to have no problems with the piano whatsoever…..

    Thank you Stockholm Academy of Arts, and Piano Street, for making these recitals available to us passionate pianists in London.

  • Andy G says:

    Watching this live now! Great performance and production. Thank you!

  • Greatly enjoying this experience, thanks to all concerned. A bit too late now but for the others to come, would it be possible to pull back the bass end camera slightly? in the Beethoven Murray looked as if he was playing with only his right hand! Oh and we can’t hear what he is saying. No further criticisms…honest.

  • nilsjohan says:

    Thanks Vincent,
    We adjusted the height and angle of the “bass end” camera a bit during the intermission. I am sure Murray will indeed need to make good use of both his hands when playing the Liszt Sonata!

    BTW, what do you think about the sound of the Steingraeber piano?

  • If I’m totally honest it sounds a little thin in the tenor region but is it a full concert grand? It look a bit short to me. I do like the balance though.

  • I’m going to review my comment regarding the tenor region, on hearing the Scriabin its more the lower tenor upper bass area that sounds thin, but I’m now convinced its short bass strings here? I don’t want it to detract from the overall quality of tone which is lovely.

  • david and barbara tuson says:

    Just so wonderful to listen and watch this brilliant pianist with such adeptness and ease inspire us all with great and memorable music.
    Thank you for the invitation.

  • Evocative and sensitive rendition of Beethoven’s Opus 109.

  • Waltraud Legros says:

    I sometimes think that only Schubert is able to weave all deep emotions of life in a few minutes of musical language : lightness and sadness, consent and disappointment … and in this “Moment Musical n° 2” all seems to be inclosed in a short and simple popular melody. I definitely love Schubert (and not only because i’m Austrian !)
    Thank you for sharing !

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