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Multi-Talented Stephen Hough Enters the Blog Scene

May 1st, 2009 in Piano News by

Pianist Stephen Hough’s blog at Telegraph:

The Guardian said “The most perfect piano playing conceivable…” and The Washington Post “a virtuoso who begins where others leave off.”
English pianist Stephen Hough has enjoyed a phenomenal recording career with over forty recordings, many of which have won Gramophone and Diapason awards and Time Magazine’s Classical CD of the Year. He is a champion of forgotten masterpieces and newly commissioned works and is an avid writer, poet and composer.
In September 2008, Stephen Hough was awarded a Gold Disc for his Saint Saëns´s concerto set as the most popular classical recording of the past 30 years. Quite uniquely, Hough is open about weaknesses, about moments when he’s deeply questioned his career choice as a touring musician. Fighting his nerves and overcoming moments when he says he fails to reach his own high standards. The “writings” section of his website is highly recommendable.

Article from The Independent

In Masterclass situation from the Masterclass Foundation series (www.masterclassfoundation.org)

Web Site: www.stephenhough.com

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