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Steinway Update: Code Name “Edelweiss” Outbid by a True Piano Lover

The calculation was rather simple — Mr. Paulson loves Steinway’s pianos, so why not buy the whole company?

Back in July, equity firm Kohlberg & Company, reached an agreement with Steinway to buy the company for $35 a share ($485 million). But piano enthusiast and billionaire John Paulson, presumably after reading Piano Street’s post encouraging “others to make an offer”, began to pursue Steinway in earnest and read a book on the company to help bring himself up to speed.
After finishing the book, Paulson surprised everyone by offering $38 a share on August 14. Kohlberg bowed out of the running, but later that day, a secret challenger turned up under code name “Edelweiss” with a raised bid of $39 a share. Not to be outdone, Paulson increased his bid to $40. Steinway declared him the winner, and the identity of the secret bidder “Edelweiss” was revealed. It was Samick Musical Instruments of South Korea, one of Steinway’s biggest shareholders before the buyout. For terminating its prior agreement with Kohlberg, Steinway must now pay the company $6.7 million — just about the cost of 50 new Steinway D pianos.

The ownership change and it’s impact on the piano world

Steinway Musical Instruments will now change from being a publicly owned company traded on the stock market into a privately owned company. From a pianist’s point of view, the change of ownership for one of the leading instrumental manufacturers would not in itself be a concern as long as their focus remains unchanged. But running a company with such a strong historical tradition and with such a precious market position as Steinway’s is always a balancing act between maximizing profits versus preserving and developing tradition and art.
While Steinway pianos are most often extraordinary, many of their ancillary products such as Essex and Boston pianos, sheet music and apps are not exactly top notch. Those are chiefly designed to take advantage of Steinway’s brand recognition — obviously a strategy suitable for a publicly traded company in the struggle of regularly delivering good profits to its shareholders. Here, private ownership could provide a better opportunity to maintain quality by focusing on long term development of their main product.

So what is Paulson’s plan?

Piano Street got access to a document on US Securities and Exchange Comissions. Judging from that letter pianists can rest assured the company will be in good hands.

“We will proudly support the company’s legacy as the premier global piano manufacturer, a reputation earned with an uncompromising commitment to quality appreciated by almost all of the world’s most demanding pianists,” Paulson said.

“We’re fortunate in this case that John is a personal fan of our product. His love for the instrument gives him the insight as to how we can build the business.” said Michael T. Sweeney, Steinway’s chairman and chief executive.

A conversation with Mr. Paulson:

John Paulson – not yet a pianist

Mr. Paulson played the drums, clarinet and saxophone into his 20s, but is not a pianist himself. However, he owns three Steinway grand pianos – models M, O and B – and intends to add a fourth, a model B incorporating a factory-installed player piano system. But since it is never too late to learn to play piano, Piano Street suggests that he skips the fourth self-playing instrument and instead starts taking piano lessons. Not only is it more rewarding to play by oneself, but it would certainly be an advantage for the owner of a such an extraordinary piano maker to know how to really make the instruments sing!

Will you help him?

Not that Paulson cannot afford his piano lessons, but let’s give him a kick start by offering our services:
Anyone concerned about the maintained quality of the world’s leading piano brand, please join us in offering John free piano lessons if he drops by your area. (Post comment below.)

We start by offering Steinway’s new owner a free piano lesson here at Piano Street’s office and studio on Borgargatan 6, Stockholm, Sweden. Welcome in John!


  1. SE22 Piano School Says:

    The SE22 Piano School would be delighted to offer lessons in South-East London! We also teach the harpsichord too if you fancy a break from the Steinway…

  2. Sandy Holland Says:

    John Paulson is welcome to both a free piano lesson and a free aural test training session with E-MusicMaestro.

  3. charles wolff Says:

    John Paulson, please feel to come by for a complimentary lesson. In my studio on the outskirts of Boston, MA I teach on a variety of authentic instruments including piano, harpsichord, clavichord, an electronic keyboards. No conventional grind here , we go from Bach to rock!

  4. Kimberly Hagenbush Says:

    We would be honored to have Mr. John Paulson enjoy a free piano lesson at our Studio. He looks like a natural!

  5. Jane knowles Says:

    Creativity! I love it. I imagine John will be a maestro by the time he gets to Ireland! You’re very welcome here.

  6. David Lopato Says:

    I’d be happy to give John a free piano lesson here in Tribeca, downtown Manhattan, on my 1941 Steinway B!

  7. Evi Jundt Says:

    Any of the six highly qualified and enthusiastic piano teachers of Rubato Music School (www.rubatomusicschool.org) would be happy to teach Mr. Paulson a free piano lesson anywhere in NYC! Rubato Music School offers in-home – or, may I say: in-store lessons – so, Mr. Paulson, you name the time and location, and one of us will be there!

  8. Lillian Simmons Says:

    I’d be honored to have you stop by. You’ll get a free lesson at my studio in Round Rock, Texas, USA.

  9. Andrew Thayer Says:

    Although he’s welcome to a lesson if in Birmingham UK, given that he has enough capital to have bought Steinway, he will be expected to pay his way.

  10. Tony Chapman Says:

    My website helps people improvise in and explore all 24 musical keys. Make all the musical keys your friends!

  11. Sandy Lundberg Says:

    Thank you for your commitment to the historical tradition and quality of the Steinway brand. I would be glad to offer you a free lesson with the partnership of my studio and that of my fellow teacher and dear friend Carolyn, using one of her four beautiful Steinway Bs.

  12. weveline vita aragon Says:

    I do not have a musical store and I am not a professional piano player. Sometimes, I play liturgical music in Catholic church. Before I volunteered to teach kids in church and to my friends who have interest in music. An elderly friend of mine was selling her beautiful Steinway piano to me but my house cannot accommodate the piano. If you happen to be in any Steinway store in San Francisco area, contact me Mr. Paulson and I give you pointers to learn on your own.

  13. czerniak Says:

    Hi… will be proud to offer free gospel piano lesson to mr. John Paulson in our gospel classroom here in Perpignan, France.

  14. Charlotte Hughes Says:

    John is more than welcome to stop by for a lesson at Charlotte’s Piano Studio, in West Lorne, ON, Canada. :)

  15. Catherine Kapchits Says:

    Dear John, I will be glad to meet you in our Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church in Bayonne, NJ. We have an old piano, but still can make something out of it! Welcome!

  16. Barbara Githens Says:

    Here in Kansas, Toto and ruby red slippers are long gone but a free piano lesson for Mr. Paulson is a fair trade! You are welcome to contact me if you ever make it to the greater Kansas City area. We are in Overland Park, Kansas.

  17. Jennifer Lockwood Says:

    Dear Mr Paulson,

    Do Steinway and Sons make pianos with 7/8 size keyboards? If not, would this be something that the company might consider? My son is a pianist of some ability and practises daily, but feels frustrated and tired physically when a piece requires him to be continually stretching.Finding an acceptable adaptation to the written score in order to play a piece is at present, his only recourse. He recently found a company that makes such a keyboard-D.Steinbuhler-based in America but sadly I would be unable to afford the costs involved. I am unsure whether the UK has any such manufacturer at this time. Would you consider this at all?

    Regards Jennifer Lockwood.

  18. Gulimina Mahamuti Says:

    At Ohio Wesleyan University Department of Music, we have two Steinway concert grands and one Steinway baby grand at student’s practice room. If Mr. Paulson ever come to visit Ohio and to the historical city of Delaware, I will be so happy to meet him! Welcome, Mr. Paulson!

  19. Kathy Glover Says:

    I specialize in very beginners. Teaching the notes and counting as well as dynamics and phrasing (touch) are all foundational. So, Mr. Paulson will probably know these things by the time he makes it here, but I would be honored to have him stop by or attend one of my recitals.

  20. Elizabeth Bachelder Says:

    Mr. Paulson, congratulations on your excellent purchase and commitment to maintaining Steinway’s quality. Any time you are in SW Virginia, please contact me for a lesson on Roanoke College’s fine D Steinway or my personal B. I had the good fortune to select them in NY and love them both.

  21. Robert Gans Says:

    When I was in grade school my class went on a tour of the Steinway factory in Queens, NY. Witnessing first hand the care and fine individual craftsmanship that went into the manufacture of Steinway pianos has remained with me as an indelible memory. The unsurpassed quality of Steinway pianos has always made me feel blessed when I’ve had the opportunity to learn, practice, and perform on a Steinway instrument in school and in my adult life. I have sought to integrate the highest quality standards into my piano teaching and would be honored to offer you a piano lesson when you are in the San Francisco bay area. Thank you for your consideration.

  22. Jerry Cornish Says:

    Mr. Paulson,

    Next time you are in Mesquite, Texas to see a real cowboy rodeo, swing on over and I’ll give you a free piano lesson! As with all students, I’ll start you from where you are and move you toward your music goals. I’m sure you’d like a song or two under your fingers so you can play on those Steinways from time to time.

    Until then!

  23. Patricia Shanks Says:

    Mr. Paulson,

    I’m sure you won’t be needing a lesson from me… though I do live and teach dangerously close to Fields Pianos – the Home of Steinway in Santa Ana, California. Undoubtedly you’ll be dropping by the store at some time. Thank you for seeing the quality in the Steinway name and brand and for supporting the cause. (I don’t own a Steinway, sadly.)

  24. Rada Bukhman Says:

    Good Luck!

  25. Farjadi Piano School Says:

    Dear MR. Poulsen
    It is my owner to offer you free piano lesson In Farjadi Piano School
    In Copenhagen follow adress:

    Juhl Sørensen A/S ( The Representative of steinway In Danmark)
    Brofogedvej 10
    2400 Copenhagen NV

    Best Regards
    Pianist Aria Farjadi

  26. Jose Villegas, NCTM Says:

    Mr. Paulson, my studio is open to all audiences interested in taking piano lessons with a fun, colorful and entertaining program to make music at the piano. We will be honored to have you in our program. Please visit our web site and tell us if you like the way we teach our students to play the piano, who knows….you may become our next Piano Studio Team new member. By the way, Congratulation Mr. Paulson on your new acquisition, I hope I can visit the Steinway plant some day and enrich my knowledge learning why Steinway piano have so much to deliver.

  27. Barbara Salani Says:

    Hello Mr. Paulson,
    I would like to invite you to my house in Italy where I teach piano on two wonderful Steiway baby grands: M & O.
    You could have a free private lesson with 2 teachers: Laura Helman & Barbara Salani and we could offer also a Live 4 Hands Performance!
    We are a Piano Duo, and you can see some videos of our concerts on You Tube.
    We live in Tuscany, near Florence… Visiting this country would be a nice vacation for you! Otherwise, if you prefere, we could come to New York!
    Thank you for your attention, arrivederci!
    Barbara Salani.

  28. Cristina Moldoveanu Says:

    Dear John

    I live in the music world for over 40 years and I’m in love with piano.
    I have a chance to share that love with my students.
    I would be honored and excited to become the best and most dedicated student of mine.
    I offer you free lesson in exchange of passion for piano technique and interpretation.
    If the distance is not an obstacle I wait for you in Bucharet, Romania.
    Best regards,

  29. Beth Marquardt Says:

    Dear John Paulson,
    Please, please come to sunny Los Angeles! Let’s have fun improvising duets at the piano. Nice to have met you through the video posted here on Piano Street. The Steinway Piano Gallery of West Hollywood is great!

  30. Winston Wallace Says:

    Mr. Paulson,
    I play jazz, rock and blues and it sounds like, with your background, classical would not be your cup of tea. So, I am offering you a lesson in Napa, Ca and an opportunity to get down with our band. Let me know your thoughts.

    Winston Wallace

  31. Bob Pajer, NCTM, WSCTM Says:

    The best time to come to the Seattle area is when its not the rainy season. It rains all the time, but then there’s the rainy season. However, I practice best when there’s no distractions like sunshine. So, Mr. Paulson, come anytime, rain or shine, for your free introductory lesson on my August Forster, 7′ 4 grand piano. I also have a Boston. About the August Forster, I tell everyone, while it is not a Steinway, is it a very pleasurable alternative. The Boston, eh. Best Wishes, Mr. Paulson!

  32. Karsten Hesse Says:

    If you come by Gram in West Denmark, please drop by for a piano lesson on an Estonia Concert Grand. This instrument has a beautifully mellow sound and is very well regulated. Karsten Hesse, Tjørnebakken 33, DK-6510 Gram. Accomodation recommended: http://www.gramslot.dk/eng/staying.html

  33. Anonymous Says:

    John Paulson made his fortune by shorting mortgage backed securities in the financial crisis (ie out of people who lost their homes) and you guys want to offer him a lesson?? I’ll give him the LESSON!!!!

  34. Patricia Dolan Says:

    Mr. Paulson, welcome to the world of classical piano. With all those terrific pianos in your home, you absolutely must learn to play them! It’s a great stress-reliever. We can build on your past musical experience which gives you a head start with rhythm and note reading. Let’s get both hands involved in music making. I would be honored to teach you. Thank you for pledging to maintain Steinway excellence.

  35. Diana Harvey Says:

    Congratulations Mr. Paulson. Purchasing just one piano is exciting, an entire manufacturing company – I can’t even imagine. What better outlet for that pure joy then sitting down at one of your home pianos? If you ever find yourself in Port Coquitlam, on the outskirts of Vancouver BC, CANADA, please drop on by for a chance to hone your piano playing skills. Even on my small humble upright, the joy of playing is unparalleled. And with all of those instruments at your disposal, you’ll never find yourself with the excuse of no instrument for practicing :) Now, remember to do your music note flashcards tonight…

    Diana Harvey,

  36. Audrey Williams Says:

    Dear Mr. Paulson – If you are ever in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please free to stop by one of my lesson studio locations. Welcome to the wonderful world of piano!!

  37. Linda Rittmer Says:

    Dear Mr. Paulson

    Please feel free to stop by for a free piano lesson the next time you are in town (Phoenix, AZ). I make learning a lot of fun!

    Hope you won’t mind playing on my 6′4″ Petrof, the next best thing to a Steinway! ;)


  38. Yamilé van der Mee Says:

    Dear mister Paulson,
    Do you want to play jazz, blues, or classical music? It all souns very well on my about 100 year old , well maintened Gotrian Th. Steinweg Nachf. Braunschein. You are most welcome!
    Pianoteacher in Dordrecht The Netherlands

  39. Marjorie Lee Says:

    Mr. Paulson, many people are placing confidence in you.
    We are all wishing you well.
    When in DC do come visit my studio for a lesson!
    I’ll buy another Steinway if you can get Grigory Sokolov to come to
    the United States to perform.

  40. Barbara Kornbluh Says:

    Congratulations on your amazing purchase. I made several amazing Steinway purchases during my forty-two years of teaching classical piano to students of all ages. My methods are unique because I specialize in teaching every student regardless of age to their personal abilities while educating each student how to hear and listen in color making them a better performer regardless of ability and level. Each student also has the opportunity to learn dup piano playing and performing in monthly coffee concerts in my studio.
    So please allow me the honor to share my life long skills with you in my home in rural southern New Jersey on my two Steinway pianos.

  41. Kim Says:

    I would love to give you a free piano lesson, Mr. Paulson! Just let me know when it is a good time for you. I have a Yamaha C3 that I give lessons on (sorry!) but some day hope to make my dream come true of owning a Steinway piano. Wouldn’t that be fantastic! I am a classically trained pianist but also play jazz and I am a singer in a jazz quartet

  42. Nina Weinfeld Says:

    Congratulations Mr Paulson! I think it could be useful for you to learn how to play on your wonderful instruments, so I invite you to come to Nice for free piano lessons on an upright Yamaha in the music school of “La Semeuse”.
    I really hope that one day my employers could get me a Steinway for my auditions!

  43. Jane Says:

    Mr. Paulson is absolutely welcome to a free piano lesson if he ever drops by Englewood, NJ, 17 minutes from Lincoln Center. He can take his choice of a lesson on either a B or an O and look out at trees and birds that land on the patio and sing along when I play.

  44. Alison Weiner Says:

    Mr. Paulson will be most welcome to come for a free lesson at studioMahalo in Carrboro NC, also fondly known as Paris of the Piedmont! I am the steward of a Young Chang baby grand, but have had the thrill of playing a Steinway D at SUNY Fredonia during my annual visits to a Music For People workshop. Much thanks to Mr. Paulson for staying true to this fantastic company, from which one day I dream of purchasing one of its fabulous instruments!

  45. Katrina Says:

    Dear Mr. Paulson:

    You are most welcome to a free piano lesson when you are next in the Orange County, CA area. My piano studio is in Newport Beach. As an additional bonus, I will gift you with a YouTurn Music Page Holder – it magnetically keeps your music book open and pages turned.

    I am looking forward to upgrading from my upright Steinway at Field’s very soon…

  46. Mark SOLE-LERIS Says:

    Dear Mr Paulson,

    I’m a teacher at the Montecarlo Rainier III Music Accademy and an international concert performer who LOVES Steinways… sometimes
    I think the older the better…. like great wines !
    I’d be delighted to give you a free lesson on the “B” model in my class
    in Montecarlo…. or if you’re adventurous “live” on Skype!!!
    Good luck!

  47. Nestor P Arino Says:

    Dear Mr. Paulson,

    I am a private piano teacher in Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain. I teach my students to play the piano with their heart. For that, they practice relaxation when playing the piano and after learning a song well, I show them how to forget the technique and to play straight from their souls. I do that at all the piano levels and with any age.
    If you are not planning to come to Spain, I always have the possibility to give you a free online piano class with a webcam.
    My bests wishes for you and for Steinway & Sons pianos!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Lisa Rohn Says:

    I would be happy to help you out if you are ever on Martha’s Vineyard – I have a knack for making the most difficult things easier. Piano playing is a bit complex, especially when starting out.

  49. Michael BB Says:

    He needs to learn his five-finger positions FIRST. My book( yes, this is a non-paid commercial announcement…blah,blah…) the BIG Book of Five Finger Positions, could be used by Mr. Paulson, or anyone else, for that matter, to teach this essential pianistic element to HIMSELF. http://www.jwpepper.com/10342112.item#.UmqwHHBgEjw


  50. Roger Jones, P.Eng. Says:

    Great news! Mr Paulson, you are most welcome to drop by for an introductory lesson on my General Music “stage piano” electronic keyboard and sound system. Of course, if you want to drop off a surplus model D I’ll not complain!

  51. Shirley Kirsten Says:

    Location Berkeley and El Cerrito, CA’
    Free lesson offered on my Steinway M vintage grand.. well-maintained

    check my you tube instructions as well

  52. Edie Schmoll Says:

    Fantastic news about Steinway!
    If you visit Southern California, please give me a chance to show you how easy this could be. There are only seven notes, as you are aware;
    and anyone can do it quickly with just the desire.
    Good luck is wished for you by every pianist in the world.

  53. Richard B. Romm Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for purchasing Steinway. I took lessons through my teenage years, and have always loved the piano. My partner just sold his wonderful Steinway B this year ( payments became unaffordable) after 7 years of proud ownership. Last year when we flew from our home in Oregon to NYC, we had the wonderful privilege of being conducted on a personal tour of the factory in Queens. Therefore we were appalled when we read of possible purchase (and probably move away from New York) of the company…but more important than the possible move, a probably dip i quality. When I watched your video and listened to what you had to say, simultaneously looking at videos of the factory we were just in, it literally brought tears of gratitude to my eyes! I don’t have the talent to give you piano lessons, but you have my undying thanks.

  54. Ian Sinclair Says:

    Mr. Paulson — congratulations on your purchase! I am not a piano teacher by profession, but I would be happy to provide you with what I do know and can should you come my way (northwestern Connecticut, USA) — and give you a chance to play my three Steinways, all antiques. I will also be happy to share some early family tales of Steinway, as one of my great great aunts was associated with the company and the Steinway Artists program in the 1890s.

    Please feel free to get in touch — you can, easily, through Piano Street!

  55. Wendy Herr Says:

    Hello Mr Paulson,
    I have the fortune to own an Essex by Steinway. The original Steinway would be the ultimate, but I am proud to have the Essex. It is a dream to play and has brought out a hidden creativity in me. This piano is very special to me, because playing it was a major part of my recovery from a C2 spinal cord injury. Please continue to offer the affordable, quality Essex line. I invite you you to visit our farm in beautiful Lancaster county, PA and enjoy some of your own creativity on my Essex. I have played for my Amish farrier and his family, and many of my friends and family. I hope to make a CD someday. Congratulations on acquiring a great company. Best Wishes to you, Wendy

  56. Rafael Ribeiro Says:

    Hello there, Mr. Paulson,
    I teach piano at “BSB Musical Lago Norte”, in Brasília, capital of Brasil. If you drop by nearby, just call us. We do have a “free first class” policy there. I bet I have much to learn from you, as well.

  57. Alannah Ong, Q.S.J.M. Says:

    Dear Mr. Paulson,
    Congratulations on your success in owning the most prestigious piano company in the world!
    Whenever you’re in Hong Kong, I’ll be honored to offer you enjoyable piano lessons. Looking forward to creating music together with you – the new owner of the greatest piano company! Please feel free to contact me. My email is alannah.ong@gmail.com, Website: http://www.alannahong.com.
    Wishing you all the best,
    Alannah Ong, Q.S.J.M., Maple Elite Award, B.A.,(Theatre), A.R.C.M., L.R.A.M., Dip. App. Arts..

  58. John Gale Says:

    John Poulson,
    Congratulations on a brilliant acquisition! You are welcome to a free piano lesson in Sydney, Australia anytime you may pay a visit here. I work as an accompanist at the Sydney Conservatorium, where we have a number of Steinways, including, of course, the concert grands.
    What fine instruments they are!
    I always say – if you can’t sound good on a Steinway, try learning something else.
    Good luck with your venture. You’re very wise to retain the existing facilities much as they are.

  59. Susan Hammond Says:

    Welcome and thank you for taking stewardship of such a wondrous and historic company! I’m a Steinway Artist who, while loving practising on her Steinway B, has spent a life observing and taking notes by master teachers. I’d be happy to welcome you to either Toronto or San Francisco for lesson/s. I teach many for free — my give-back for a wondrous life playing Steinway pianos. (Not to put myself in the same category, although I love to play his music, I’ve always liked that about Liszt who taught many pupils for free). As you can see from all these offers, you’re a popular man! Best wishes and I know you’ll love playing these pianos! Sue

  60. Alexander Buskermolen Says:

    Dear Mr. Paulson,

    If there comes an oppertunity where you’ll be visiting The Netherlands, particulalry the Rotterdam area, you’re most welcome to come to my piano studio in the city of Gouda. In my studio I use a blend of piano craftsmanship and modern video techniques for analysis.
    I’d be honored to teach you and show you how modern techniques will change your ways of playing and studying for good. Additionally, I’ll leave you some video instructions on http://www.notefornotes.com, my new business venture in classical music.

    I wish you all the best, in business and in music!

    Alexander Buskermolen
    Classical pianist
    CEO NoteforNotes.com and Lexo Music Poductions

  61. Joseph Starr Says:

    If Mr. Paulson can afford to pay $40.00 a share to own the Steinway Piano Company which totals in the millions , I’m sure he would be willing to spend another $50.00 to take a piano lesson.

  62. Pamela Kalt Says:

    Dear Mr. Paulson, congratulations on taking on the ownership of Steinway and keeping it in the Big Apple!! You certainly have your choice of willing piano teachers so it seems…but let me add my name to the list. I was trained by the indomitable Claudette Sorel at SUNY Fredonia and although she was a Baldwin artist, gave her students an amazing standard to live up to. If you are ever in the New Haven area, I would be honored to give you a lesson on my humble little Kohler & Campbell grand. Best of luck in your new adventure.

    Pamela Kalt
    Aysgarth Piano Studio

  63. Isaac Haire Says:

    Dear Mr. Paulson,

    I appreciate your love of the world’s greatest instrument, and it would be my pleasure to give you some lessons (perhaps at Munich’s Steinway Hall?) if you find yourself in Germany.
    If you are more the analytically type, I’ll be happy to give you some really good, quick and easy composition lessons!


    Isaac Haire

  64. Myrna Feigenbaum Says:

    Would love to have the opportunity to meet and have you play my 1929 Steinway. If ever in Roswell, GA–north of Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

    Best of luck.

  65. Jamila Sahar Says:

    Greetings Mr. Paulson,

    How are you?
    Please come and visit me in beautiful sunny Boca Raton where I will make you some coffee and play for you JS Bach, Bach/Busoni, Beethoven, Chopin or one of my own arrangements of Brasilian Jazz composer Jobim. Let’s discuss the many similarities of classical and jazz and I will show you how to play Jobim’s ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ or a Bach piece, whatever piece you love and want to play. I want to show you not only how to play the notes, develop dexterity and technique but what true artistry on the piano is.

  66. Deborah Fortier Says:

    I love teaching piano – all ages, all levels. You are welcome to have a lesson with me in my upper west side studio. I guarantee- it would be fun and inspiring!

  67. Simon Ball Says:

    Should Mr Paulson ever be in the UK, he is more than welcome to drop in for a cup of tea and a complimentary lesson on my Steinway O…

    Just as long as he can cope with my being pretty much unable to shut up about how wonderful the company he’s bought is, and imploring him at some length not to compromise on quality one inch! ;o)

  68. Stephanie Wright Says:

    Hi Mr. Paulson! I would love to give you a piano lesson! Please check out my website and let me know what you think. I am actually a traveling piano teacher so I could come to you.

  69. Aaron Masters Says:

    I would be more than happy to give Mr. Paulson a lesson if he ever finds himself in the Western, NY (Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, & Niagara Falls) area. I do not have a Steinway (hint, hint) but it would be an honor.

  70. Ernie Mansfield Says:

    Congratulations, Mr. Paulson, on your purchase! Anytime you are in Berkeley, California, please feel free to call for your free lesson!
    Ernie Mansfield, Mansfield Academy of Music, 510-524-2055

  71. Deborah Ponds Says:

    I would like to add my congratulations to Mr. Paulson also for his wonderful decision to purchase the Steinway Piano Company. If you find yourself in the suburban Detroit, Michigan area, I would love to meet with you and offer a basic piano lesson. My lessons are filled wtih fun and enjoyable for all ages. Most conveniently, I live about 1 mile from a Steinway Gallery and perhaps this would give you the opportunity to meet not only myself but also the fine musicians who represent the company on a daily basis.

    Best wishes.

  72. Diome F. Alcomendas Says:

    Please stop by in Vancouver, Washington and I will be happy to give you a Free Lesson from Rach to Rock on my Steinway. Cheers!

  73. Karina Says:


    I believe that such a company should be private, considering its past and tradition.

    I am sorry, I’m just a student so I cannot give Mr. Paulson piano lessons, but I encourage him on learning how to play the piano, as it is one of the best things in the world!

    Best wishes.

  74. Scott K. Mc Namara Says:

    Mr. John Paulson, Dear John, I would be happy to give you a lesson if you prefer jazz or standards. If your playing golf at Citrus Springs Country Club in Citrus Springs Florida I’m by the par 3 8th hole. It might be better to wait until later January 2014 when my 1933 Steinway Model B arrives, full restoration from Steinway Restoration Center NY, it will also give you an idea of how the top restoration professionals in the world restore your pianos, if you come earlier you will have to suffer on my Steinway model M, Regards Scott

  75. Mark Polishook Says:

    Mark Polishook Studio in Leicester can give lessons to anyone in Steinway Senior Management and would be pleased to do so. I teach over Skype, as well, as in my studio in Leicester. So if schedules can’t align for lessons in Leicester then Skype holds great possibility.

    I’d also be happy to give a group lesson to Senior Management if that was preferable.

    My website is http://www.polishookstudio.com. There you’ll find more information about my specialties and approach.

    All best of luck to Steinway. And I apologise for joining this thread at this late date. But better late than never!

    I look forward to hearing from the Steinway Senior Management Team.

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