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The Car Industry Promotes the Idea of Piano

April 13th, 2010 in Piano News by | 7 comments

Volkswagen in Stockholm, Sweden, have created a site called thefuntheory.com. The site features several videos all dedicated to the idea that happiness is the easiest way to get people to change. The three videos that are up there so far show how to make people not fail when putting litter in a bin, how to get more people to take the stairs than the escalator, and a teaser video of how to make recycling more fun. The Piano staircase resulted in a 66% increase in people taking the stairs than the escalator, and the fun noise making little bin resulted in about a 70% increase in litter in the bins!


  • jenny brown says:

    Wow,that has just taken my breath away.And no i didn’t take the stairs,i only watched the video.The genius of the fun theory really shows how people are programed into a routined lifestyle without a second thought,untill the piano,sound staircase.This looks like a fun way to kick off the daily grind of work or school at the end of the day and would make you feel a lot more happy in the morning trying to decide on taking the elovator or composing your own travelling step song on the way to work.
    Great stuff,i’d love to see more!!!!!!!!!!
    Jenny Brown

  • Delphine says:

    Very interesting. I want to try, too!!!

  • Jan (Warsaw) says:

    AMAZING ! Especially that this video made me thinking that there are PLENTY of possibilities to change routine into fun – right around me, around you…But do we notice them ? Something such ‘standard’ and ‘conventional’ or even ‘boring’ like a staircase appears (unexpectedly) to be of great potential !
    I strongly believe that in the copy room in our office thera any many potentials as well ! Next week I’m strting to search ;-)

  • Tory says:

    Freaking AWESOME!!! If there were piano staicases everywhere, the world would be so much lighter… in every sense!!! ^-^

  • Cal says:

    just brilliant.

  • stefanos Adamantidis says:

    just i have seen this video…i loved it very much….it is a sweet combination between the funny and the importance of music in human life….excellent idea from Stockholm…but i hope to see same examples in others cities in Europe and of course in the world…

  • CLARIOLA says:

    I really love this Idea.YESSSSSSSSSS

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