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The Future of the Recording Industry: Is There One?

July 26th, 2010 in Piano News by | 4 comments

Interview with Naxos’ Founder and CEO, Klaus Heymann

The record label Naxos has gone from budget outsider to industry leader in its 20-plus years of existence. But what does the future hold for any record label at a time when CD sales are plummeting and downloads are stagnant?

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  • Justin says:

    In my opinion, Entrepreneurship is the future of a solid Music Career. Who knows how major label will play 10 years from now.


  • Very informative interview. A real insiders view of the classical recording industry, and its many challenges. The question is how many recordings of the Chopin Ballades can the market sustain. New pianist’s recordings must not only compete with the living but with the past — and what a glorious past it was!

    I understand that DVD’s might be more a wave of the future and that is proving to be very interesting.

  • Ed Matthews says:

    I agree with Michael Tierra’s comment that CD/DVD releases might be the way to go. They always pique my interest, especially if I already own a recording of said piece.
    For example, the Smithstonian Chamber Players recently released a recording of Schoenberg’s Verklarte Nacht – which I already have by the LaSalle Quartet on DG.
    What made this new recording so enticing was not only a glowing review in BBC Music Magazine but an accompanying DVD of the performance, and extensive commentary on the music, the composer, etc.
    Love it. And I even learned a few things.

  • geraluvi says:

    Of course we may be capable to produce technical innovatios towards a better audiction of the music, but the media will chage in a unpronostiqued way. Depends in part of the advance in the fisical science but also of economic factors involved in trade and production. At least now is very better to ear music….live!

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