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Burgmüller – 18 Characteristic Studies, opus 109

The sheet music of Burgmüller’s opus 109, 18 Characteristic Studies, has been published as Piano Street Editions together with recordings by Henrik Sandback.
This collection may be used as a sequel to the studies opus 100.
Each study challenges the player with a specific technical problem, inseparable from the main idea of the composition.
Like the earlier pieces, the Characteristic Studies are not concerned solely with technique – Burgmüller’s melodious and charming works always have a distinct musical appeal, and are also studies of character and mood.

Recordings of six of the pieces by Burgmüller for you to enjoy!


Burgmüller: Opus 109, no 5 “The Spring”

Burgmüller: Opus 109, no 7 “Lullaby”

Burgmüller: Opus 109, no 8 “Agitato”

Burgmüller: Opus 109, no 13 “The Storm”

Burgmüller: Opus 109, no 17 “March”

Burgmüller: Opus 109, No 18 “Spinning Song”

See all 18 Characteristic Studies


  1. Tamar Shkolnik Says:

    Thanks for this beautiful present.
    The etudes are performed with great skill and the music itself is just the thing one needs on a holiday morning.
    Have a beautiful holiday and great New Year.

  2. Rasha Says:

    Thank you for this amazing cite…
    It’s like being in the heven hearing and playing piano….
    That’s make me relax and dream

  3. joke pouw Says:

    Many thanks for the beautiful music of Burgmuller.

    I wish you all a happy New Year.

  4. Gerty Says:

    Thanks for these beautiful pieces!
    I simply love them.

  5. Valerie Dawson-Miles Says:

    Thank you so much for all this, I truly appreciate it.

  6. Jill Says:

    Thankyou so much for this music. Happiness and success for 2010.

  7. Fabricio Says:

    Thanks for fabulous spring,spring songs and agitato. those are perfects tecnics.
    Soft and grace, in each expression. One happy new year!

  8. Meliody Says:

    Its really really nice to hear such a piece.

  9. Don Says:

    Excellent pieces of music.
    Thank you very much for sharing.


  10. jeff_clef Says:

    Thanks for these beautifully-executed pieces. I’ve had these Burgmueller books for some time, but have never played from them or really looked at them— that is going to change. Because of you, I now have an idea of what they have to offer— thanks!

    (And, where else would one hear these?)

  11. Mylvin Says:

    I believe this is a fabulous piano piece. Thanks for sharing. More power.

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