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Piano Street Introduces New Concept: Urtext & Instructive Edition

April 16th, 2014 in Piano Street Site News by | 23 comments

Note: This is an old post. For latest information about Instructive editions, please visit this page: www.pianostreet.com/instructive

On the recent Music Education Expo in London, Piano Street presented a new concept for sheet music publication: The Piano Street Urtext & Instructive Edition

Scores for all stages of learning

Thanks to the possibilities of digital technology we are no longer limited to just one specific edition of a piano composition when going through the various stages of learning. Depending on your own level of experience and where you are in the learning process of a particular piece, you may need fingering, pedal markings, practice and performance tips, or perhaps the right opposite – a clean Urtext score.

Marking the start of the Piano Street’s series of Rachmaninoff Editions with the famous Prelude in C-sharp minor, Op. 3 No. 2, all these aspects are taken into account in one single publication containing:

1. Introduction to the piece: History and a brief analysis of the composition.

2. Practice tips: Preparatory exercises which greatly facilitates the learning of the piece.

3. PS Instructive Edition: An educational edition covering all the information a teacher would give you during your first couple of lessons with the piece, including:

  • Detailed fingering with alternatives for small hands
  • Pedal instructions including Piano Street’s unique half-pedal marking
  • Technical advice
  • Artistic advice

4. PS Urtext: The clean score. Exactly what the composer wrote, no more, no less.

Update 29 July 2014:

The first four instructive editions are now available to download and print for all Piano Street Gold members:

Bach: Minuet in G (BWV Anh. 114)
Bürgmuller: Arabesque in A minor, opus 100, no 2
Chopin: Prelude in E minor, opus 28, no 4
Rachmaninoff: Prelude in C-sharp minor, opus 3, no 2

Stay tuned! More Instructive Editions are coming soon to pianostreet.com. Sign up for a Gold membership here or upgrade your Silver membership to get instant access to the new Instructive Editions.

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  • Steve G. says:

    This is simply excellent! Looking forward to get this kind of score for other pieces as well.

  • Samara says:

    Thank you for the scores. It looks very useful with the preparatory excercises and really professional top grade tips in the instructive score. I will use it with my students and we will save a lot of time and effort.

  • chechig says:

    Thank you very much, believe it or not I’ve just started to learn that exact Chopin’s prelude, I coulden’t believe my eyes!!

  • Mary Laird says:

    This is wonderful … what a gift to all of us! Take a bow, this is just great! Many thanks.

  • Bill says:

    The pianostreet method of presenting this remarkable music to us is truly the best and certainly unsurpassed.

  • gaboian says:

    A great development. Could you do the score for Schubert’s No 3 impromptu akin to Vladamir Howowitz’s technique please????

  • Shahram Saremi says:

    Amazing way for stating S.Rachmaninoff’s piece, Thanks piano street!

  • April says:

    Oooh. Mai.GAWD
    OH My Gaaawd!!!!
    AMAZING!!!!! Feel like I’m listening a lesson from someone! The texts are so clear!!

  • This is an educator’s dream! Fantastic idea. Not only can I have easy access to the sheet music during the lesson, but well-thought-out and typed performance notes. This is far better than the scribbles a teacher will write into a score. Also, any serious student is interested in and benefits from background info on the composer, which often gives a clue to the interpretation of the work. I hope Piano Street adds more pieces to this excellent program.

  • I love this for I cannot play everythin I love and have forgotten how to play scores with 6 flats or sharps, hate to take time to transpose.

  • Charles Ray Howard says:

    Hi there I have been waiting for a long time for something like this.
    Piano Street you have ‘ scored ‘ today, thank you so much.
    Waiting for more?

  • Brian Stucki says:

    This is a fabulous idea for both teacher and student alike. I have struggled for years to play Prelude in C-Sharp minor. This will greatly help me and my students. Whoever thought of this was truly inspired. Thank you very much!

  • Cliff says:

    Wow! Thank you. It seems like a lot of work, but definitely worth it for those trying to learn the piano.

  • perfect_pitch says:

    A couple of questions:

    1) How many more scores are expected to be produced this way, and in what rough timeframe?

    2) Who is editing the instructive editions, and what are their credentials, performance history etc…

    I do believe it is a fantastic idea. Sounds like a lot of work will be involved though having to re-create the scores, but I seriously love it.

  • Brenda Ray says:

    I would love to see instructional text for Chopin’s Polonaise-Fantasie. I have been struggling with that piece for quite awhile and would welcome that kind of help.

  • allan graupman says:

    Absolutely fabulous. Now that you offer this service., where do I go to purchase piano technique and practice for the following:


    can’t find a teacher in my area with experience for this piece. You all know the difficult part is the first high run in Grieg’s tempo, and then the following stanza that makes this concerto special. any help?
    thanks…love this website.

  • Jay says:

    I’ve got one word for you, Pianostreet.


    More, more, more!

  • Stephen says:

    Another example of what makes Piano Street such a great website!

  • Rainah says:

    Inspired support for musicians all around the world. Even if some teachers might have something different to say here or there, many would agree with and benefit from all and/or at least significant portions of these fabulous supports! Thanks so much!

  • Ruth says:

    I love this idea! When will a list of pieces be provided on this site that are printed with the PS Instructive Edition & the PS Urtext? Great work!

  • Ella says:

    awesome thing!!!

  • Kamil says:

    Hey, I would love an always up to date list of all PS Instructive Edition scores. Thanks!

  • Carmen says:

    I would love an always up to date list of all PS Instructive Edition scores. Thanks!

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