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Scriabin Mazurkas – Sheet Music

Russian tone-poet Alexander Scriabin composed his Mazurkas over a period of fifteen years (from 1888 to 1903).

A Mazurka was originally a stylized Polish folk dance in triple meter with a lively tempo and a heavy accent on the second or third beat. It has either a triplet, a trill, a dotted or even eighth note pair before two quarter notes.
The mazurka was a popular dance in nineteenth century European ballrooms.

Scriabin: Mazurka, Opus 3 No 1

These 21 musical treasures, entitled Mazurkas, have often been unfairly regarded as early immature efforts or imitations of Chopin’s 57 Mazurkas from some 60 years earlier, and therefore they have been neglected by many pianists. Stylistically, he was also strongly influenced by Russian composer Anatoly Liadov.

Scriabin’s unique musical vision here was transformed into something striking and original: mazurka-fantasies characterised by extraordinary charm and sensuality, often assimilating the style of late night improvisations.

Alexander Scriabin’s Mazurkas are now available in our sheet music library.
Scriabin: Mazurkas


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