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Watch the Chopin Competition on Period Instruments with us!

November 30th, 2023 in Piano Street Site News by

Piano Street presents a new version of its popular tool (first presented during the 2010 Competition) for navigating the hundreds of great performances taking place during the recent Chopin Competition on Period Instruments. Use our list of pieces and pianists to find and compare your personal favorites among this year’s 35 contestants.

Following the success of the first International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments launched in Warsaw in 2018, the Chopin Institute invited the world to its second edition on 5 – 15 October 2023.

Thanks to the competition’s streaming, the event truly has a global reach. Obviously, there are countless Chopin lovers in many corners of the world who would never miss the chance to listen to Chopin’s music, played on period instruments by some of today’s most talented young performers – with the added excitement of trying to discern who could be a worthy winner of this the most prestigious of competitions.

At Piano Street, we wanted to contribute something that could make it even more fun and interesting to navigate among the pieces performed in the competition.

We created a single page with links to the videos on the Chopin Institute’s Youtube page, as well as links to Chopin’s scores on Piano Street. The list can be sorted according to piece, opus number, performer, in what stage and even on what instrument it was performed (the contestants have six different period instruments to chose from). Using this tool, you can quickly find the pieces or pianists that interest you the most and just go on from there!

You find the Chopin Competition tool here >>

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