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New Piano Piece by Brahms Discovered: Albumblatt in A minor – Free Piano Score

A piano score of the recently rediscovered piano piece by Johannes Brahms, Albumblatt in A minor, has been published in an Urtext edition by Piano Street today.

Free sheet music to download and print:
Brahms – Albumblatt in A minor

(File updated May 27, now inlcuding fingering and work comments.)


András Schiff plays “Albumblatt” in A minor by Johannes Brahms

The theme reused in the Scherzo of Brahms’ Horn Trio

The $158,500 album

The piece was discovered by the auction house Doyle of New York City, where the “Album Amicorum of Arnold Wehner” was sold for $158,500 in April last year.
The album belonged to Wehner who was director of music at Göttingen in the 1850s and contains musical contributions and quotations from important contemporary composers and musicians including Brahms, Schumann, Mendelssohn and Liszt.
Musicologists believe that Brahms wrote this piano piece in Arnold Wehner’s album in June of 1853, when he and his friend Edouard Remenyi were visiting Göttingen.

Recycled theme

The theme was also used by Brahms in the Scherzo’s trio section in his trio for piano, violin and French horn, composed 12 years later. The new finding is however not a brief sketch but a finished manuscript of a complete piano piece, clearly written and including performance markings.

Who was first?

The album was catalogued and described in Doyle New York’s sale catalogue of April 20th 2011 with the assistance of Dr. Michael Struck of the Johannes Brahms Gesamtausgabe, Kiel. However, earlier this month BBC claimed that conductor and musicologist Christopher Hogwood discovered the piece and that the world premiere was to be performed by András Schiff in a broadcast on January 21. Although Hogwood’s discovery appeared to be slightly misleading and the piece had already been publicly performed, the short video by BBC including an interesting discussion and samples of Schiff’s masterful performance is well worth watching:
BBC Radio 3: András Schiff plays a lost work by Johannes Brahms

The new edition

A scanned copy of the manuscript has been online on Doyle New York as part of their April 2011 catalog, a transcription of it appeared on IMSLP this week and the piece will be included in Bärenreiter’s new edition of Brahms’ Horn Trio to be released in February.
Piano Street’s new urtext score may very well be the first officially published edition of this wonderful little piece. Regardless, we are happy to share it with the piano playing world for free to play and enjoy!

Please share it with your friends by posting the following link:
…and post your comments about the piece below!


New sheet music: Chopin – Four Concert Pieces

Four concert pieces by Chopin in editions by Mikuli (solo piano part with orchestral cues) have been added to our sheet music library.

Opus 2: Variations on Mozart’s ‘La ci darem la mano’

The variations on a theme from Mozart‘s opera Don Giovanni was the first of Chopin’s works to be published outside his own country. This is the piece Schumann reviewed with the famous words: “Hats off, gentlemen, a genius”
Read Schumann’s review:
An Opus 2 – original article and translation

Opus 13: Fantasy on Polish Airs

Preceeded by an introduction, the Fantasy includes a Polish popular song (Juz miesiac zaszedl), an air by the Polish composer Kurpinski and finally a Kujawiak (Mazurka). The work was published in 1834, dedicated to the pianist J. P. Pixis.

Piano Forum: Chopin’s op 13 – Fantasy on polish airs

Opus 14: Rondo Ă  la Krakowiak

This concert Rondo, published in 1834, is built on a national dance from Cracovia – a simplified polonaise in 2/4 time. The piece begins with a soft, pentatonic melody before rushing into a more lively, syncopated dance which includes a quote of Paganini’s caprice no. 24.

Opus 22: Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brilliante

The Polonaise in E-flat for piano and orchestra was written in 1830-31. A few years later Chopin composed the Andante spianato, a solo piano piece which was added as an introduction to the Polonaise and published as his opus 22 in 1836. Although the combined work was originally published for piano and orchestra it is often played as a solo piano piece.

Here is Kissin’s performance of the Andante spianato and Grande Polonaise Brilliante from the Verbier festival 2007:

Part 2 >>


Brahms Pieces for Four Hands

More sheet music for four hands is now available in our sheet music library.
Today we added the Waltzes, Opus 39 by Johannes Brahms.


More Pieces for Four Hands

We keep working on adding more four hands piano music. This is what has been added today:

Johannes Brahms:
Liebeslieder Waltzes Opus 52a
Liebeslieder Waltzes Opus 65a
This means that we now have the complete works for four hands by Brahms in our online library.

Claude Debussy:
Six Antique Epigraphs
Small Suite
Prelude, Cortège et Air de Danse
Prelude Ă  l’Après-midi d’un Faune (for Two Pianos)


Mephisto Waltz and other Pieces by Liszt

Several pieces by Franz Liszt have been added to our sheet music library. Many of them are edited by Emil von Sauer, who was Liszt’s student.
See the list below.

Mephisto Waltz number 1 (Sauer)
Three Nocturnes, (Liebesträume) (Sauer)
Valse Oubliée number 1 (Sauer)
Fantasia & Fugue on the Theme BACH (Sauer)
Two Polonaises (Sauer)
Rhapsodie Espagnole (Sauer)
Gretchen (Sauer)
Nauges Gris
Grand Galop Chromatique (Sauer)
Valse-Impromptu (Sauer)
La Lugubre Gondola 1 & 2
Czárdás Macabre


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