Johannes Brahms
Piano Concerto 1
in D Minor, Op. 15

This gigantic and powerful work drew its sad inspiration from the attempted suicide of Brahms' friend Robert Schumann. The music veers between cataclysmic outbursts and soothing, dreamlike passages, until the finale emerges confidently into the sunlight.

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Johannes Brahms - Concertos:

Piano Concerto 1
Op. 15

Key: D Minor
Year: 1859
Level: 8+
Period: Early Romantic
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A Symphonic Concerto

The First Piano Concerto reflects Brahms's effort to combine piano with orchestra as equal partners, building on Beethoven and Mozart's achievements in the genre, rather than on earlier Romantic concertos, where the orchestra has a more accompanying function. The tragic inspiration behind the work might have been the breakdown of Schumann, an event which caused great pain for Brahms, who considered Schumann a great friend and benefactor. Consequently, this is certainly no show-piece, but an extremely serious work, alternately ominous and tender.

Originally, it was composed as a sonata for two pianos. The sonata then became a symphony, with some help in orchestration from his friend Julius Otto Grimm, and then reached its final metamorphosis as the Piano Concerto Op. 15.

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Johannes Brahms, who was one of the prominent composers active in the Early Romantic era, wrote this piece titled "Piano Concerto 1"Op. 15 in D Minor from Concertos. The composition is categorized as "Concerto" in the sheet music library and the level of difficulty in the piano music database is 8+.