Claude Debussy
Clair de Lune
No. 3 from Suite Bergamasque

With its ethereal mood and sense of mystery, Clair de Lune beautifully evokes Verlaine’s lines about “the sad and lovely moonlight that sets the birds dreaming in the trees”.

ID: 51
Key: D-flat Major
Year: 1890 (publ. 1905)
Level: 7
Period: Impressionism
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Mysterious masqueraders

Debussy's most famous piano piece sounds very fluid and soft contoured, much like a landscape seen in Moonlight. The paradox is that here, as in most of Debussy's music, much careful attention needs to be directed towards rhythmic accuracy and the many precise markings in the score, in order to arrive at a performance that sounds like it's truly floating in the air. Apart from a couple of brief climaxes, the dynamic range stays within p to ppp, placing high demands on exactness of touch, voicing and colour. The title alludes to the eponymous poem by Verlaine:


Your soul is a select landscape
Where charming masqueraders and bergamaskers go
Playing the lute and dancing and almost
Sad beneath their fantastic disguises.

All sing in a minor key
 Of victorious love and the opportune life,
 They do not seem to believe in their happiness
And their song mingles with the moonlight,

With the still moonlight, sad and beautiful,
That sets the birds dreaming in the trees
And the fountains sobbing in ecstasy,
The tall slender fountains among marble statues.

Paul Verlaine, 1869


The poem by Verlaine which inspired Suite Bergamasque, has given its name also to the suite's most popular piece. Indeed, Clair de Lune (Moonlight) is often said to be the most famous of all Debussy's works. Its name was changed from Promenade Sentimentale only shortly before publication, to indicate the connection of this music with the Symbolist movement, of which Verlaine was one of the leaders. Reacting against realism, a typical "daylight" form of literature, the Symbolists tried to illuminate more inaccessible regions of the human soul, through creating suggestive images and evoking moods. The moon naturally became their favourite symbol, spreading as it does a mysterious, indirect light on the dark side of the earth.

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Clair de Lune (moonlight) in D-flat Major No. 3 by the composer Claude Debussy (1862-1918). This piano piece was composed in 1905 and is part of Debussy's Suite Bergamasque.