Domenico Scarlatti
in D Minor, K. 141

With its constant stream of repeated notes and rapid hand crossings, this Sonata demands a refined and assured technique.

ID: 3912
Key: D Minor
Year: -
Level: 8
Period: Baroque
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Fiery and Iconic

The popular Sonata in D minor K. 141 features an iconic theme in rapidly repeating notes, its fiery, agitated character evoking perhaps the strums and tremolos of a Spaniard's guitar. Quite virtuosic throughout, the piece throws a constant stream of repeated notes, figurations, and rapid successions of hand crossings at the performer, demanding a refined and assured technique. Its combination of eye-catching technical bravura and arresting and memorable themes has made it a favorite among audiences and performers alike.


Scarlatti composed 555 keyboard sonatas covering an astonishing range of styles and characters, most of which were one-movement works in binary form (the Sonata form as it is known today was yet to be developed during the Baroque period). Featuring highly inventive and often virtuosic keyboard writing, modulations to unusually distant keys, and sometimes an audacious use of dissonance, they exhaust the technical and tonal possibilities of the harpsichord, and they have become popular among harpsichordists and pianists alike.

Sonata in D Minor K. 141 by Domenico Scarlatti. Sheet music and recordings of thousands of piano pieces by Domenico Scarlatti and many other famous composers to view in your digital device, print out or listen to.
Sonata in D Minor - K. 141 is a piece by the baroque composer Domenico Scarlatti.
It is written during the Baroque era and is included in Sonatas by Scarlatti.