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Clair de Lune vs. Pathetique Adagio cantabile (Read 1899 times)

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Clair de Lune vs. Pathetique Adagio cantabile
« on: August 11, 2005, 09:46:54 PM »
why are both of these considered level 7 when C de L is turning out to be easier for me to learn/play.

IOW I think I have a better shot at learning C de L right now than Path. 2nd mvmt.  It is coming to me easier.

I can play level 4-5 pieces fairly easily, but all the stuff I really love and want to learn is at least level 6.

Am also learning Bach preludes & Little Notebook for technique.  Plan to start on Scarlatti sonatas as well.  Ditched the Hanon as it was hurting my rt. hand too much.  Have bookmarked a lot of Bernhard threads pertaining to Bach and Scarlatti.

Should I forget the early advanced stuff and plug away at the easier stuff for awhile.  I was thinking I could learn one "hard" piece at a time, while continuing to work on technique w/ easier material.

p.s. I set aside Chopin 9/2 for the time being, the rt hand is easy but the left is hard for me right now (especially when playing HT). 
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piano sheet music of Clair de Lune (moonlight)

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