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How much in the last year have you listened to or studied the WTC vs Chopin Etudes?

WTC 0%--Chopets100%
10 (16.7%)
WTC25%--Chopets 75%
8 (13.3%)
9 (15%)
24 (40%)
9 (15%)

Total Members Voted: 60

Discussion of WTC (Read 3805 times)

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Discussion of WTC
« on: August 20, 2007, 06:31:15 PM »

I think the time has come for a board (read: ghetto) dedicated to posts about these damned two etudes.  Would you people please go open up the Well-Tempered Clavier for a change?  Or just sit at home and read a book.

Walter Ramsey

Let's all discuss the WTC.  It's a great work, yet how many of us listent to it or discuss it?  I think it doesn't have the same competitive edge to it that the Chopin Etudes have--who can be more intimidating by playing it 3 notches faster on the metronome.

I have a good topic for discussing these.  We can talk about them from the  standpoint of the Affections, the Baroque idea that each piece of music embodies one basic emotion.  So, which is your favorite part of the WTC and which affection do you think it embodies. 

Feel free to discuss which is hardest, flashiest, whatever if you wish.

Sheet music to download and print: WTC 1 by Bach

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