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Plan for learning Bach's WTC (Read 57934 times)

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Plan for learning Bach's WTC
« on: April 23, 2004, 07:47:18 PM »
Assuming one has mastered the 2- and 3-part inventions and has a grasp of the contrapuntal style, how does one go about learning the WTC?  I know the real answer is by working with an excellent teacher and years of practice, startingly slowly, yada yada.  I guess I was wondering if anyone has a suggested order of pregressive difficultly, or of a published companion edition.  Of course this would have to be modified in order to fit one's particular skill level (one pianists might find a certain prelude easier to begin with than someone else might), but it would be a starting point.

(Apologies if this question has already been posted, but newbie that I am, I couldn't find it in a search).

Sheet music to download and print: WTC 1 by Bach

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