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Liszt, Soirées de Vienne (Read 2491 times)

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Liszt, Soirées de Vienne
« on: July 01, 2011, 09:46:45 AM »
Hello everyone!

I'm studying Liszt - Soirées de Vienne - Valses-Caprices d'apres Fr. Schubert, S.427 (1852) - No.4
I was just wondering why this piece doesn't appear in this site, it's a really interesting and beautiful piece.

And one more thing.
I would like your opinion on my next year's piano programme:
-Chopin etudes: op.10 1, op. 10 4, op. 25 10.
-Liszt, Waldesrauschen.
-Clementi sonata op. 7 no. 3 in g minor
-Bach prelude and fugue no. 15 in G major, WTC I
-Liszt Soirées de Vienne, 4
-Rachmaninoff prelude op. 23, 3 (d minor) and 7 (c minor)
-Joaquin Turina, Danzas fantasticas 3, Orgia.

Thanks very much and sorry for my english!

P.D: I won the competition playing Brahms Rhapsody op. 79, no. 1 and Debussy Tarantelle Styrienne!  :D
Now learning/playing:
-Brahms rhapsody op.79 no.1
-Bach WTC1, BWV 848
-Debussy Tarantelle Styrienne
-Rachmaninoff etudes-tableaux

Sheet music to download and print: Soirées de Vienne by Liszt