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Chopin and His Europe – New Combinations and Discoveries in Warsaw
For the nineteenth time Warsaw invited the world to the annual festival ”Chopin and His Europe”. Altogether, soloists, world-famous orchestras and ensembles were giving as many as 23 concerts. Some of the artists also appeared in concerts on period instruments. Or what about Chopin’s second piano concerto in a version for guitar and orchestra? Read more >>

Topic: The Mazurka Prize in the International Chopin Competition  (Read 1172 times)

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Is it just me, or does the winner of the Mazurka prize always plays op.56?

Beethoven Op 2/2
Chopin Op 20, maybe op 47/38
Debussy Etude 7
Grieg Op 16
Want to do:
Chopin Concerti 1 and 2
Beethoven Waldstein
Ravel Miroirs