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Author Topic: Short story featuring Peabody, "Ondine" and two amazing pianists  (Read 504 times)
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« on: June 30, 2016, 12:58:09 PM »

Hi everyone,

I posted here about six months ago looking for some answers to research regarding my short story. Everyone was very helpful and gave me some great ideas.

Anyway, I finished the short story and if you are interested in reading it you can find it here:

Robert, an old widower, desperately reflects on his life in an empty hospital room as he tries to answer a seemingly simple question: why am I dying alone?

Amy copes with a drug-abusing mother, unpaid tuition and overdue rent during her senior year at a prestigious music school in Baltimore.

A smoke alarm and “Ondine,” an impossibly difficult piano piece, bring Robert and Amy together in this story about the fleeting bond between a young woman and a dying man.

Thanks again for all of your help! You guys are the best!
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