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The Nocturnes by Chopin – New Urtext Edition

The Nocturnes span the whole of Frédéric Chopin’s career, and among them are some of the composer’s most beloved works. Piano Street has now published a new urtext edition of the Nocturnes by Chopin. This new edition, containing Chopin's own fingering, attempts to present the most valid version of these pieces following consensus among today’s prominent scholars and pianists. Read more >>

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Author Topic: Short story featuring Peabody, "Ondine" and two amazing pianists  (Read 419 times)
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Hi everyone,

I posted here about six months ago looking for some answers to research regarding my short story. Everyone was very helpful and gave me some great ideas.

Anyway, I finished the short story and if you are interested in reading it you can find it here:

Robert, an old widower, desperately reflects on his life in an empty hospital room as he tries to answer a seemingly simple question: why am I dying alone?

Amy copes with a drug-abusing mother, unpaid tuition and overdue rent during her senior year at a prestigious music school in Baltimore.

A smoke alarm and “Ondine,” an impossibly difficult piano piece, bring Robert and Amy together in this story about the fleeting bond between a young woman and a dying man.

Thanks again for all of your help! You guys are the best!
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