Maurice Ravel
No. 1 from Gaspard de la nuit

Inspired by the dark poetry of Aloysius Bertrand, Gaspard de la Nuit is a triptych evoking images of horror. Ondine portrays a water nymph trying to seduce a mortal man to visit her kingdom at the bottom of a lake.

ID: 1830
Key: C-sharp Major
Year: 1908
Level: 8+
Period: Impressionism
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The Water Nymph

Each of the pieces in Gaspard de la nuit is prefaced by one of Aloysius Bertrand’s poems. The first, Ondine, portrays a water nymph singing to seduce a mortal man to visit her kingdom at the bottom of a lake. The soft, shimmering music emerges out of nothing, and goes on to capture the swirling flow and glittering splashes of water.

...When she had breathed her song, she begged me –
begged me – to put her ring on my finger;
to be her husband and sink with her down –
down to her drowned palace
and be king of all the lakes.
I told her I loved a mortal woman.
Abashed and vexed, she dissolved into tears and laughter;
vanished in a scatter of rain…


Gaspard of the Night — Fantasies in the Manner of Rembrandt and Callot is a book by Aloysius Bertrand, considered one of the first examples of modern prose poetry, which had a profound influence on many later French poets and artists. Some of Bertrand's grotesque and nightmarish poems very much appealed to Ravel, who set his impressions of three of the poems to music. The resulting suite is considered to be one of the most difficult pieces in the pianist’s repertoire – Ravel deliberately set out to make the final movement more difficult than Balakirev’s Islamey.

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This piece is composed by Maurice Ravel and was published in 1908. Title: Ondine, No. 1 in C-sharp Major from Gaspard de la nuit. The difficulty level if graded by ABRSM would be approximately 8+ and it belongs to the Impressionism period.