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Essex 155c by Steinway (Read 1947 times)

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Essex 155c by Steinway
« on: October 14, 2017, 10:09:40 PM »
I have been playing a 1933 Chickering 5'2" Grrand Piano since 1982.  Been very happy with it, but been thinking of getting a new grand with a richer sound, in a similar size.  Today I went to see the Essex EGP-155C "Designed"by Steinway and Sons, not "manufactured" by Steinway. Made in China.  Research says "intro piano for students".  Was a bit surprised by that description. It actually sounded quite nice to me, and had a nice feel.  I play just about everyday, classical, mostly Baroque.   Any feedback/ advice? Thoughts about China? Thoughts about "Designed by Steinway"?  Thanks.

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Re: Essex 155c by Steinway
«Reply #1 on: October 17, 2017, 10:49:27 PM »
maisydaisy, if you're looking at foreign designed, chinese built pianos, you might want to try the new baldwins.  they have components, materials, attention in execution comparable or possibly better than the Essexes.  this piano professional is quite content with hers, and she is a pretty thorough piano tester.  buona fortuna with your quest.

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Re: Essex 155c by Steinway
«Reply #2 on: October 18, 2017, 04:46:19 AM »
I agree with above the China Baldwins are nice , i prefer the ones from 1970s through midifferent 90s US but Chibasically has become a piano manufacture powerhouse,  Hailun makes a good piano as well, either of,those 3 would be fine, just go with what you like best
However if you broaden your search,, seek out the new Weber 157, I posted about it here last spring read about a Dell Fandrichs low tension design and se3 if you can order it w  the Mason Hamlin designed carbon composite action,  dreamy....if I was going to gethe a new one I would definitely try to get into one of these

Ie the 185 has the action maybe a special order could put it in the 157, but even without and just a std maple. Action they are sweet piano
BTW since we mentioned Baldwin and how I loved the us later ones, Dell Fandrich is a piano design and builder genius and he was at head of design and Baldwin amedical for a while....
YoUnge chang makes these and they used to makes the essex line before it moved to China,