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Topic: Beethoven concert series- one movement from each sonata  (Read 599 times)

Offline luxuchu

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I have an idea of presenting a concert series of all Beethoven piano sonatas, but only choose one movement from each sonata rather than playing all the sonatas in, let's see, 6 to 8 concerts. Does anyone know if this has been done in the past? if so, any available info online?

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Offline lelle

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Re: Beethoven concert series- one movement from each sonata
Reply #1 on: August 14, 2022, 09:55:51 PM
I'm curious why you want to do this? :) Each Beethoven sonata tells its own story, so missing out on some movements is like only reading some chapters. Why movement would you be going with from each sonata if you did this, the first movement?

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