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Daniel Gottlob Türk: 60 Pieces for Aspiring Players: Book 1

Türk wrote these two books of practical pieces to illustrate and accompany his monumental Clavierschule from 1789. Progressing from the simplest two-part pieces to more complex works practising various aspects of technique, the albums provide excellent teaching material for the early stages of playing.

Sheet Music Downloads:

Collection ID: 153
TitleASTKey Composed Type Level
It's always hard to begin No. 1C Major 1792 Piece 1
Lazybones No. 2A Minor 1792 Piece 1
The Lively Boy No. 3C Major 1792 Piece 1
Carefree Johnny No. 4G Major 1792 Piece 1
Cradle Song No. 5F Major 1792 Piece 1
Scales No. 6D Major 1792 Piece 1
A Nice Man No. 7B-flat Major 1792 Piece 1
Who Would Bother with Idle Fancies No. 8G Major 1792 Piece 1
I am so dull and ill No. 9E Minor 1792 Piece 1
Children's Ballad No. 10A Major 1792 Piece 1
Keenness No. 11C Major 1792 Piece 1
A Soft-Hearted Man No. 12F Major 1792 Piece 1
A Kind Man No. 13D Major 1792 Piece 1
Sad Feelings No. 14A Minor 1792 Piece 1
Sleep, my Baby, Sleep No. 15E-flat Major 1792 Piece 1
Childhood years No. 16C Major 1792 Piece 1
Innocence No. 17A Major 1792 Piece 1
As it really should be No. 18F Major 1792 Piece 2
Ballet No. 19D Major 1792 Piece 2
Folk-tune No. 20E-flat Major 1792 Piece 2
Like No. 18 No. 21C Major 1792 Piece 2
Miniature rondo No. 22F Major 1792 Piece 2
Contentment No. 23A Minor 1792 Piece 2
Horns and their echo No. 24D Major 1792 Piece 2
Youthful happiness No. 25G Major 1792 Piece 2
German Song No. 26E-flat Major 1792 Piece 3
A Cheerful Spririt No. 27B-flat Major 1792 Piece 2
Song of a Knight in the Darkening Wood No. 28G Minor 1792 Piece 2
Strumming is part of our job No. 29C Major 1792 Piece 3
Four clubs?-Pass! No. 30E Major 1792 Piece 3
For Practicing Thirds and Sixths No. 31F Major 1795 Piece 2
Carefree Happiness No. 32C Major 1795 Piece 2
In Mourning No. 33G Minor 1795 Piece 2
Infantry March No. 34D Major 1795 Piece 2
Spinning Song No. 35F Major 1795 Piece 2
As it really shouldn't be No. 36A Major 1795 Piece 2
Musette No. 37C Major 1795 Piece 2
Youthfully Alert No. 38G Major 1795 Piece 3
A Firm, Manly Character No. 39D Minor 1795 Piece 2
Serious Feelings No. 40F Major 1795 Piece 2
Military Parade-March No. 41D Major 1795 Piece 2
The Leaping Dancer No. 42G Major 1795 Piece 2
Like a Solemn and Dignified Chorale No. 43B-flat Major 1795 Piece 2
A Light Song No. 44F Major 1795 Piece 3
We Dance till the Floor Shakes No. 45D Major 1795 Piece 3

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