Johann Sebastian Bach
Italian Concerto
in F Major, BWV 971

Using the keyboard to emulate a traditional Concerto with orchestra and soloist, this three-movement work is one of Bach’s most popular keyboard pieces.

ID: 1545
Johann Sebastian Bach

Italian Concerto
BWV 971

Key: F Major
Year: 1735
Level: 8
Period: Baroque
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A Concerto for solo keyboard

The Italian Concerto is one of Bach’s most popular keyboard pieces. Using the keyboard to emulate a traditional Concerto with orchestra and soloist, it consists of three movements: a proud and joyous Allegro in F major, a pensive arioso-style Andante in d minor, and an intense finale marked Presto, again in F major. Both outer movements are in ritornello style, alternating recurring sections meant to imitate orchestral tutti with “solo” sections. The forte and piano markings, unusual for Bach, help guide the player by highlighting melodies and recurrences of the tutti themes.


Bach published his “Concerto in the Italian Style”, now known as the Italian Concerto, in 1735. In contrast to many of his keyboard works, which can be played on any keyboard instrument – in Bach’s time, this included the harpsichord, clavichord, or organ – it is clear this piece was composed for a two-manual harpsichord.

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