Ferruccio Busoni
Bach: Chaconne for Violin - BWV 1004
in D Minor

One of Bach’s most famous compositions for the violin appears here in a passionately romantic piano transcription.

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Ferruccio Busoni - Transcriptions:

Bach: Chaconne for Violin - BWV 1004

Key: D Minor
Year: 1897
Level: 8+
Period: Baroque
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Romantic Bach

The Chaconne in d minor BWV 1004, originally written for violin and appearing here in a passionately romantic piano transcription, is without a doubt one of Bach’s most famous compositions. Using a simple opening theme and repeating harmonic progression as a basis, the listener is invited into a sprawling set of variations resembling more a baring of the soul than the dance form the Chaconne originated from. Creating a whole world of deep thought and powerful emotion, Bach’s richness of invention and command over structure is on display in full force throughout the piece.

Busoni’s transcription is mostly faithful to the original violin part, adding color through octave doublings, transposition, and occasional countermelodies, reflecting his thought that “Bach goes far beyond the boundaries and means of the violin in his conception of the work, so that the instrument he has intended for use in performance does not suffice”. Being an outstanding pianist himself, Busoni’s transcription reflects a thorough knowledge of the technical capabilities of the piano, and while difficult, the arrangements remain highly pianistic throughout.


Busoni admired Bach from a young age and created piano transcriptions of several of Bach’s works. The original Chaconne in d minor BWV 1004 is the final movement of Bach’s Second Partita for solo violin. Busoni’s transcription of the Chaconne was first published in 1892; he subsequently revised the work multiple times until the version known today was published in 1916, in Volume 3 of the “Bach-Busoni Complete Edition”, where several other transcriptions also featured.

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Bach: Chaconne for Violin (BWV 1004) in D Minor, by the baroque composer Ferruccio Busoni. This piano piece was published in 1897 and is included in Transcriptions by Busoni.