Frédéric Chopin
in C Minor, Op. 28 No. 20

This prelude, nicknamed "Funeral March", opens with a tragic fortissimo statement and then gets softer and softer, like mourners slowly departing into the distance.

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Frédéric Chopin - Preludes:

Op. 28 No. 20

Key: C Minor
Year: 1834
Level: 6
Period: Early Romantic
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Funeral March

The prelude in c minor from Op. 28 has been described as a portrayal of a funeral procession, the tragic opening and subsequent diminishment of the dynamics likened to the mourners slowly departing into the distance. Its solemn, mournful beauty and lack of significant technical challenges make it highly accessible both to listeners and students from the early intermediate level and above – though, as with all the Preludes, there is plenty to explore with regards to tone color, chord voicing and phrasing for the pianist wishing to create a truly masterful rendition.


Chopin's set of 24 preludes was first published in 1839 and dedicated to the composer Joseph Christoph Kessler. Some of them were composed in Mallorca during his disastrous visit there with his lover, George Sand. They initially received quite some criticism for their brief length and lack of any traditional structure; they were seen as more like sketches or brief notes as opposed to fully-formed ideas. However, there were also some, more forward-looking contemporaries, among them Robert Schumann, who admired them intensely. Today, they are widely admired for their compositional economy, poetic beauty, and imaginative use of the piano’s resources, and are often performed as the complete set, though Chopin himself only played a maximum of four of the preludes at any single public performance.

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Prelude Op. 28 No. 20 in C Minor, by the early romantic composer Frédéric Chopin. This piano piece was initially published in the year 1834 and is included in Preludes by Chopin.