Claude Debussy

About Claude Debussy's Estampes

Estampes” is French for prints or engravings, and the music in this collection tries to depict very specific moments and locations.
The first two pieces take the listener to exotic places: in Pagodes, Debussy imitates a Javanese gamelan ensemble – Debussy had been fascinated with the gamelan ever since hearing it at the 1889 Paris Exposition – while Soirée dans Grenade evokes an Andalusian night, using the rhythm of a Habanera. Jardins sous la pluie evokes a garden in a monotonous rainfall.
The piece incorporates fragments of a couple of French nursery songs, suggesting a child unable to go out and play because of the rain.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
1. Pagodes   in B Major by Debussy piano sheet music AAB 1. Pagodes 35 B Major 1903 8+
2. Soirée dans Grenade   by Debussy piano sheet music AAC 2. Soirée dans Grenade N/A 1903 8+
3. Jardins sous la pluie   in E Minor by Debussy piano sheet music AAD 3. Jardins sous la pluie 14 E Minor 1903 8+

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