Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonata 14
in C Minor, K. 457

ID: 74
Key: C Minor
Year: 1784
Level: 8
Period: Classical
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In the mood for a Mozart sonata... by kelly_kelly
...which one? I've worked on K. 332 and K. 457. I really like K. 284, K. 310, K. 533, and K. 576. My reservations about each are: K. 284 is rather long with the Theme and Variations, and...

Gould K457 by anne126
Anyone know the "extra" notes he's playing in the exposition? It [i]sounds[/i] like he's playing the arpeggios up, and then down, but I've already tried this and it doesn't quiet...

Analysis Help : Mozart Sonata in c minor, K457, 2nd mov. by maylafox
So, as stated, I am talking about Mozart's sonata in C minor, K 457, 2nd mov.. The section that I am unsure about, in terms of harmonic analysis, is from measure 29 through measure 40.  I am...

Can someone tell me what finger to use? by krayzieka
Wolfgang Amadéus Mozart - Sonata, K 457 C-minor How do you play these trills, there is a flat next to "A" key does this mean play g instead of a flat?...

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This is my first post so, hi! I've searched through the forum but couldn't find answers to my problems. First of all, I'm a 19 year old composition student trying to learn...

Mozart's Fantasie and Sonata in c minor; always together or somtimes seperate? by arensky
I was talking with one of my former teachers about my next program, and he insisted that Mozart's Fantasy in c minor K.475 and Sonata in c minor K.457 always be performed together. I feel that they may be...

Mozart's fantasy in c minor and sonata 14? by CDS814
I recently acquired some sheet music (the afforementioned) and was wondering if these two pieces are meant to be played together, or if its just something that the publisher did to save...

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DOWNLOAD: Wolfgang Amadéus Mozart - Sonata K. 457 in C Minor ( from Sonatas by Mozart). Piano sheet music to print immediately or to view in mobile devices.
Wolfgang Amadéus Mozart, who was one of the prominent composers active in the Classical era, wrote this piece titled "Sonata"K. 457 in C Minor from Sonatas. The composition is categorized as "Sonata" in the sheet music library and the level of difficulty in the piano music database is 8.