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There is a lot of truth in Arthur Schnabel’s famous remark, “The sonatas of Mozart are unique; they are too easy for children, and too difficult for pianists”.
Although most of Mozart’s piano sonatas were intended for his own use in performance, some were in fact written for pedagogical purposes.
The Sonata No. 16 in C major was described by Mozart himself in his own thematic catalogue as "for beginners," and it is sometimes known by the nickname Sonata facile or Sonata semplice. It is possibly the most famous one, just because so many people have tried to play it. Another well-known sonata is the one in A major, No. 11. The last movement, Alla Turca, often heard on its own, imitates the sound of Turkish Janissary bands, much in vogue at that time. This kind of music was sometimes performed on pianos built with a "Turkish stop", allowing it to be embellished with extra percussion effects.
The two sonatas in the minor mode also belong to the more famous. Written around the time of the death of Mozart´s mother, Sonata No. 8 in A minor is the darkest of the series. The C minor Sonata, No. 14, is often preceded in performance by the Fantasy in C minor, K. 475, completed some seven months after the sonata. The two works were published together as the same opus.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Sonata 1 K. 279  in C Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAB Sonata 1 K. 2791 C Major 1775 7
Sonata 2 K. 280  in F Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAC Sonata 2 K. 28017 F Major 1775 7
Sonata 3 K. 281  in B-flat Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAD Sonata 3 K. 28133 B-flat Major 1775 7
Sonata 4 K. 282  in E-flat Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAE Sonata 4 K. 28211 E-flat Major 1775 7
Sonata 5 K. 283  in G Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAF Sonata 5 K. 28323 G Major 1775 7
Sonata 6 K. 284  in D Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAG Sonata 6 K. 2847 D Major 1775 7
Sonata 7 K. 309  in C Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAH Sonata 7 K. 3091 C Major 1777 7
Sonata 8 K. 310  in A Minor by Mozart piano sheet music AAI Sonata 8 K. 31030 A Minor 1778 8
Sonata 9 K. 311  in D Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAJ Sonata 9 K. 3117 D Major 1777 7
Sonata 10 K. 330  in C Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAK Sonata 10 K. 3301 C Major 1783 8
Sonata 11 K. 331  in A Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAL Sonata 11 K. 33129 A Major 1783 8
Sonata 12 K. 332  in F Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAM Sonata 12 K. 33217 F Major 1783 8
Sonata 13 K. 333  in B-flat Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAN Sonata 13 K. 33333 B-flat Major 1784 7
Sonata 14 K. 457  in C Minor by Mozart piano sheet music AAO Sonata 14 K. 4572 C Minor 1784 8
Sonata 15 K. 533  in F Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAP Sonata 15 K. 53317 F Major 1788 8
Sonata 16 K. 545  in C Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAQ Sonata 16 K. 5451 C Major 1788 6
Sonata 17 K. 570  in B-flat Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAR Sonata 17 K. 57033 B-flat Major 1789 8
Sonata 18 K. 576  in D Major by Mozart piano sheet music AAS Sonata 18 K. 5767 D Major 1789 8

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