Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata (Capriccio)
in E Major, K. 380

Throughout this delightfully sunny piece, open fifths are used to create a fanfare-like effect.

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Domenico Scarlatti - Sonatas:

Sonata (Capriccio)
K. 380

Key: E Major
Year: -
Level: 6
Period: Baroque
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Graceful open fifths

The Sonata in E major K. 380 is a sunny piece brimming with delightful charm and quiet beauty. Throughout the piece, open fifths are used to create a fanfare-like effect, but not of the bombastic kind; the character remains neat and graceful throughout. Skillful use of repetition makes the sonata catchy and memorable, and since it is fairly accessible to amateur players, it has become highly popular and beloved among pianists and audiences alike.


Scarlatti composed 555 keyboard sonatas covering an astonishing range of styles and characters, most of which were one-movement works in binary form (the Sonata form as it is known today was yet to be developed during the Baroque period). Featuring highly inventive and often virtuosic keyboard writing, modulations to unusually distant keys, and sometimes an audacious use of dissonance, they exhaust the technical and tonal possibilities of the harpsichord, and they have become popular among harpsichordists and pianists alike.

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Sonata (Capriccio) K. 380 in E Major, a composition by the baroque composer Domenico Scarlatti who was born in 1685 and died in 1757. It was composed during the Baroque period and is part of Scarlatti's Sonatas.