Robert Schumann
Piano Concerto
in A Minor, Op. 54

In one of the most widely performed concertos of the Romantic era, Schumann skips straight to the soloist’s entrance, an idea that was to be taken up by several later composers, such as Grieg and Rachmaninoff.

ID: 1496
Key: A Minor
Year: 1845
Level: 8+
Period: Early Romantic
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A Symphonic Concerto

As adept as Schumann was in writing solo piano music, he had great difficulty with his piano concerto. He attempted to compose one no fewer than three times before completing the Op. 54 in the key of A-Minor. His previous attempts were in D-Minor, F-Major, and Eb-Major. It is among the most-performed of any of the Romantic piano concertos. Early listeners were struck by the extent to which the piano and the orchestra interacted, pursuing their unified symphonic intent, as opposed to the more standard opposing and turn-taking in standard virtuoso concertos of the day. As with many of Schumann’s works, the composer inserts Eusebius and Florestan into the fabric of the piece. In this case, it is the “duelling woodwinds” in the first movement.


Clara was instrumental, pardon the pun, in helping Schumann realize his piano concerto. She had seen the aborted earlier attempts and urged him to take his single-movement Fantasie for Piano and Orchestra, which was not selling, and expand it into the concerto. He finished it and was so grateful to his loving wife that she gave the premiere performance even though the work was dedicated to Ferdinand Hiller, who conducted.

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