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Mozart sonatas vs. Beethoven sonatas (musicality and technique) (Read 8171 times)

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A.  What do you like more musically?

B.  What do you think is harder technically

I used to think that pretty much all Mozart was easier than all Beethoven.

MAN was I wrong.

Mozart sonatas can probably be easier than some Beethoven sonatas, but I am mastering K 284, and I just find it ridiculously difficult.

I am having a harder time with it than I did with my first Liszt piece (La Campanella). 

Luckily, I almost have it perfected, but am I wrong in saying that the theme and variations (3rd movement) is intensely virtuostic?

According to my teacher, it's the hardest sonata.  In this booklet I read (from a recording of Alicia De La Roccha), it says that 284 gives the pianist the biggest challenge.  It's insane how much jumping around you have to do in the left hand, and the tremelos all over the place.

So how do the rest of these sonatas compare in difficulty?  I've really gained respect for Mozart.

Sheet music to download and print: Sonatas by Mozart

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