Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky
Piano Concerto 1
in B-flat Minor, Op. 23

This concerto's famed introduction is instantly recognizable; a powerful motif in the horn section that quickly transitions into a memorable and passionate theme, supported by chords crashing across the full extent of the keyboard.

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Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky - Concertos:

Piano Concerto 1
Op. 23

Key: B-flat Minor
Year: 1875
Level: 8+
Period: Late Romantic
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Passionate Lyricism & Glittering Virtuosity

Tchaikovsky’s first piano concerto is among the most popular concertos in the repertoire. Carried by an irresistible mix of glittering virtuosity and dramatic push and pull, it combines Tchaikovsky’s gift for passionate lyricism with virtuosic caprice to delightful effect. The first movement’s famed introduction is instantly recognizable, its opening horn melody quickly transitioning into a memorable and passionate theme in D flat major supported by chords crashing across the full extent of the keyboard. Rich with interplay between the orchestra and the piano, the movement brims with passion and glittering virtuosity, occasionally catching its breath in more intimate and lyrical moments.

The second movement is in D flat major and A-B-A form. The outer sections are serene, almost pastoral, and, similar to the first movement, feature continuous interplay between the orchestra and the piano. The middle section is marked Prestissimo and flits and twirls with spritelike caprice, creating a contrast in tempo and character without detracting from the overall impression of a captured moment of contented happiness. The final movement is in rondo form and is decisively energetic and upbeat despite the minor key, thanks to numerous syncopations and middle-of-the-bar accents. Like the previous movements, capricious virtuosity contrasted with lyrical secondary themes interplay throughout. A virtuosic cadenza in octaves leads into the piano and orchestra coming together in a final passionate outburst, creating a glorious ending to a glittering and exciting concerto.


Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 23 was composed between November 1875 and February 1875 and revised in 1879 and 1888. Though its premiere in October 1875 was resoundingly well-received by the audience, the critical response was lukewarm. It has since become one of the most well-known piano concertos in the repertoire as well as one of Tchaikovsky’s most popular compositions.

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Piano Concerto 1 in B-flat Minor Op. 23 by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky. Sheet music and recordings of thousands of piano pieces by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky and many other famous composers to view in your digital device, print out or listen to.
Piano Concerto 1 in B-flat Minor - Op. 23 is a piece by the late romantic composer Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky.
The composition was first published in 1875 and is included in Miscellaneous pieces by Tchaikovsky.

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