Johann Sebastian Bach

About Johann Sebastian Bach's Inventions

In the original title to these works, the composer called them “A faithful guide, whereby admirers of the harpsichord are shown a plain method of learning not only to play clean in two Parts, but likewise in further Progress to manage three obbligato Parts well and correctly, and at the same time not merely how to get good Inventions, but also how to develop the same well; but above all, to obtain a cantabile style of playing, and together with this to get a strong foretaste of composition."
Bach used them in his teaching as a first step on the way to playing more complex contrapuntal works, such as the Well-Tempered Clavier.
Both the two-part Inventions and the three-part Sinfonias are arranged in order of ascending key, each group covering fifteen major and minor keys.

Preview TitleKey Year Level
Invention 1 BWV 772  in C Major by Bach piano sheet music AAB Invention 1 BWV 7721 C Major 1723 5
Invention 2 BWV 773  in C Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAC Invention 2 BWV 7732 C Minor 1723 5
Invention 3 BWV 774  in D Major by Bach piano sheet music AAD Invention 3 BWV 7747 D Major 1723 5
Invention 4 BWV 775  in D Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAE Invention 4 BWV 7758 D Minor 1723 5
Invention 5 BWV 776  in E-flat Major by Bach piano sheet music AAF Invention 5 BWV 77611 E-flat Major 1723 5
Invention 6 BWV 777  in E Major by Bach piano sheet music AAG Invention 6 BWV 77713 E Major 1723 5
Invention 7 BWV 778  in E Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAH Invention 7 BWV 77814 E Minor 1723 6
Invention 8 BWV 779  in F Major by Bach piano sheet music AAI Invention 8 BWV 77917 F Major 1723 6
Invention 9 BWV 780  in F Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAJ Invention 9 BWV 78018 F Minor 1723 6
Invention 10 BWV 781  in G Major by Bach piano sheet music AAK Invention 10 BWV 78123 G Major 1723 6
Invention 11 BWV 782  in G Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAL Invention 11 BWV 78224 G Minor 1723 6
Invention 12 BWV 783  in A Major by Bach piano sheet music AAM Invention 12 BWV 78329 A Major 1723 6
Invention 13 BWV 784  in A Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAN Invention 13 BWV 78430 A Minor 1723 6
Invention 14 BWV 785  in B-flat Major by Bach piano sheet music AAO Invention 14 BWV 78533 B-flat Major 1723 6
Invention 15 BWV 786  in B Minor by Bach piano sheet music AAP Invention 15 BWV 78636 B Minor 1723 6

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